What exactly does arm strength training look like in basketball?

At present, many people like to do strength training. Previously, they could use arm strength machines, elastic machines, and stretching machines. Now there are more and more sporting goods and ways of entertainment. . Some people like to play basketball, so they came up with a method using basketball, that is, arm strength training in basketball.

Set aside more than half an hour every two days to train your upper body muscles to improve your basketball skills. Especially for shooting in high confrontation situations, layups and rebounds are very useful.

Exercise with dumbbells:

1. Dumbbell Curl: For biceps, choose a weight according to your condition, usually 40%-60% of your limit, 8-12 reps per group, do 3-5 reps in total and rest 30 reps. seconds in middle.

2. Stretch after dumbbell arm: For triceps, similar to first step, perform each group of 8-12, total 3-5 groups of exercises, rest 30 seconds in middle.

3. Lifting dumbbells forward: for anterior deltoid muscle of 3rd group, 8-12 times in each.

4. Dumbbell Lateral Raises: For middle deltoid muscle, number of sets and number of times per set are same as above.

5. Bilateral Dumbbell Raise: For posterior deltoid, number of sets and number of times per set are same as above.


If you don't have right dumbbells, you can also choose to train push-ups. Push-ups can not only train muscles of upper body, but also connect muscles of chest. Under normal conditions, do 3 to 5 sets of exercises, 15 to 20 in each set, with a 30 second rest between sets. When strength has increased significantly, number of approaches and number of approaches can be increased.


If you have conditions, you can go to gym for targeted workouts. Targeted workouts based on your weak links will help you achieve greater results.

After a period of practice, you will definitely find that your strength has increased significantly, your arm muscles have also changed significantly, and your throwing distance on basketball court will not be a problem. Hands no longer hurt after long hours of playing basketball.

Before strength training for arms in basketball, everyone should do some exercises to make their upper limbs more powerful. The dumbbell exercise described above is very good. If you have enough time, you can go to gym. If you have more time If you are busy, you can also do some push-ups at home for training. These effects are good. After you have trained upper body strength, you can use basketball to exercise arm strength.

May 12, 2023