A popular foreign ball sense training method, from basic to advanced, 4 steps to become a ball control master.

If you want to play basketball well, dribbling is very important! Today I will introduce 4 interesting ball control training methods to you. Many foreign beginner basketball players will practice like this. From beginner to advanced, difficulty level is progressive, suitable for beginners to train consistently.

1. Exercises for beginners

This workout should use 4-5 obstacles in a straight line, no training equipment, use a water bottle instead.

Low dribbling around obstacles with one hand, low dribbling can give full play to ball carrier's flexibility, pay attention to dribbling speed.

A weak hand also needs training. The low hand moves and dribbles at a high frequency to improve ability of weak hand to control ball.

2. Exercise "Diamond"

Place 4 obstacles as shown in picture below, 3 free throw lines, 1 arc apex and a diamond training track.

The obstacles in middle of free throw line are starting and ending points. Before reaching obstacle, use crotch to change direction and then dribble to next obstacle. Each time you pass an obstacle, you must return to obstacle in center.

Speed ​​up demo, smoothly end series of dribbles and end with a downtime.

3. Intermediate Exercises

Place 5 obstacles as shown in picture below: start with two obstacles in distance, cross + crotch + back, pass two obstacles, and then cross middle obstacle.

Finally, turn around and finish styling. This set of movements should be performed smoothly, and first you need to achieve completeness of movements, and then achieve speed.

4. Freestyle dribbling

The final workout is designed to improve connection between your various ball handling skills and fluidity of your movements. There are no fixed movement requirements, just a quick combination of movements with ball, a combination of crossing, crotch, back, and outward, turning and other movements.

Ball control is the foundation of basketball, so let's practice! Immediately unlock Parker's basketball coach's dribbling course, you can get more ways to improve your ball feeling, 24 days of systematic training, 280 professional practice methods, suitable for real games and intelligent use of training, to ensure that you can improve your basketball level in a short period time.

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May 12, 2023