basketball training strategy

basketball training strategy

Children of 1st group, 5-7 years old

This stage is an introductory training, and speed of development of trainees at this stage slows down, main focus is on practicing basketball exercises.

Keywords: basics, skills, abilities, respect, team

Skills to train: dribbling, passing, shooting, speed, defense. Students will focus on learning each basic basic movement, which will be most important period in entire training system.

Goal Stage: Master basic sports skills. The key is to compete several times a week. The form of team competitions can pass through this level. This stage simply instills concepts and principles of team work.

basketball training strategy

2 groups for children aged 8-10

This is second stage of tutorial and players should try to improve on skills they learned earlier.

Keywords:basic skills, abilities, abilities, respect, teamwork

Skills to practice: Dribbling. Players will practice to learn how to control ball with both hands. Passing - Players will successfully pass ball to teammates with appropriate skills. Shooting. Players will learn correct shooting technique. Sensitivity - The player learns about balance and movement of body. Defense - Players will begin to understand concept of defense.

The purpose of stage: to master basic basketball skills and lay foundation for playing basketball. 70% of time is used for individual basic training and 30% for competition. The concept of positioning is taught, but positions are not fixed for students at this stage. Break games into special games and 5v5 duels instead of focusing on regular 5v5 matches until later in this phase.

Junior group 1, 11–13 years old

This will be most progressive stage of learning. Students will be able to perform movements instinctively rather than mechanically.

Keywords:Team, Core Skills, Project, Course Introduction

Skills to practice: Dribbling. Players should now be able to dribble ball by their feet. Passing - Players should now correctly read position and properly use chest, touch, push, and one-handed passes. Shooting. Players will learn how to do throws, jump shots, and two-handed throws. Sensitivity - The student's stamina will increase. Defense - The student starts defending student team.

Stage Goal: This level will build an aerobic base, develop strength, and improve general basketball skills. Build your "motor" and strengthen your basketball skills. At initial stage of this stage, 60% of time is devoted to individual training, and 40% of time to competitions, at a later stage of this stage, this ratio can be adjusted in accordance with development of technique.

basketball training strategy

Junior group 2, 14-18 years old

This stage is dominant period of training, when all various skills of trainee will be combined into a single system.

Keywords:training, rules, humility, introduction to competition

Skills learned: Dribbling. Students will now be able to quickly dribble against defenders using proper dribbling technique. Passing - Students will be able to make fast and powerful passes against defense. Shooting - Students will be able to use a variety of shooting techniques for defense. Sensitivity - Students will now understand importance and process of stretching, endurance training and post-workout recovery. Defense - Students may defend an attacker one-on-one or as a team.

Phase Goals: Maximize fitness and competition preparation, including individual and positional skills. To optimize fitness and performance, training/competition ratio can be adjusted up to 25/75, and competition ratio includes team drills and specific competition strategies.

High level group elite team

Players at this level are more mature, taller and stronger than their peers. Players at this level have best skills and sense of team awareness. It's time to take them to next level. This means unlimited knowledge of basketball and ability to read game in general. They strive to play at highest level, to win. . The child will understand that if he wants to be a very, very good player or person, he needs to make an incredible effort to understand and experience everything that basketball can give him.

May 12, 2023