How should basketball fans train?

How should basketball fans train?

Many people are introduced to basketball through entertainment platforms such as X Sound and X Hands. If you see what kicks you think are cool today and what shots you see tomorrow look good, try and practice, but in end you don't learn anything.

Today we will talk about how basketball fans should train

One step at a time

Second target

Third, combined with real combat

Fourth, resave1, step by step

People are born to grow old and then leave.

From learning to crawl to walking and talking, running and jumping, it's all step by step. The same applies to everything, and same applies to basketball. From simple to complex, from simple to complex.

Many people love to play basketball and want to become stronger, every day they go out on court. But when he entered court, he shot without a target, so it would be strange if he got better.

——Dividing line——

1. Basic skills training - dribbling

For example, a person who cannot move ball up and down in place goes to examine front of body, perineum, and back of body. Can this person train well? Answer is not possible.

We should start with simplest and most basic up and down movements in place, and then, after mastering them, move on to relatively complex movements of front of body, crotch and back. Having become familiar with front of body and back of crotch, we can practice some combined dribbling moves on spot. Once you've become familiar with combined dribbles, move on to next step, dynamic dribbles. In a dynamic process, do dribbles, disguises, combination dribbles, and so on.

Many friends like Irving. After seeing chic dribbling levers and other operations in Irving's collection, they go to court to imitate them, but in end nothing.

You should know that all these great dribbling rods are based on strong basic skills, even if you don't understand dribbling on spot, how do you do hard ones?

The most important thing for us ordinary people is to be able to pass ball well with left and right hands in front of crotch and behind crotch, as well as with one / two hands. 2. Learning Basic Skills --- ShootingThree-pointers are popular these days and whole world is shooting them. But how many of them actually have a chance of getting in?

A lot of students these days want to unlock 3-pointers because they can't hit an empty basket, their shots inside free throw line are terrible, and they're unsure about free throws. How can it work? If basket is not their own, frame will be broken.

It doesn't matter if we want to shoot three-pointers, but if we don't even do simplest thing, then we don't need toeven think about three-pointers.

For my part, every time before start of official training, I shoot 50 shots in middle of three spots under basket, two bottom lines, and then 50 into free throw line.

Then official practice begins, from mid-range to three-point. From in place to dynamics, there is a process.

If you're unsure of most basic shooting skills on spot, how can you practice stepping back, pull-up shots, and three-pointers?

It's easy to see Curry's 3-pointer. If you want to learn, that's all right, but you need to know how much Curry paid for today's achievements. People, you can't get fat by eating one bite. From dribbling on spot to a dynamic combination of dribbling and stealth. From bottom of basket to three-dot line is a gradual process and this process cannot produce a result in a day or two, it requires our perseverance day by day to achieve a result.

Basketball, all moves based on solid basic skills.

How should basketball fans train?

——Dividing line——Second, planned and target

As mentioned earlier, many people went to court and shot for no purpose. And when we train, we need to plan and be focused.

We need to prepare contents of this training plan before training, develop a training plan according to our own situation, and do things that we can't think of when we go to stadium.

For example, left hand dribble is not very good, okay, now I'm practicing focusing on left hand dribble.

This specificity doesn't mean that you only practice your left hand and don't do other things, it just means you have to increase your left hand practice.

But many of us think we're not very good at throws, so we practice shooting all day and practice dribbling all day.

How can this be practiced well?

Practice where you are poor. You must have a clear goal and you must focus on practice.

Be patient with this process, any improvement will take time.

How should basketball fans train?

——Dividing line——

Third, combined with real combat

All of our workouts are designed for real competition.

Rhythm, intensity, speed and defense during game, we must imitate game in training.

If you train lazily and don't even get out of breath, then you can imagine how your performance in game will be.

When we practice, we must simulate situation that can happen in game to practice so that we can improve effectively.

Be a practical player, not a show-off.

How should basketball fans train?

Fourth, repeat and persevere

Day after day, day after day, day after day, day after day, day after day, repeat, repeat, accumulate, accumulate, accumulate.

Rome wasn't built right away.

How much you pay, how much you get, sweat speaks for itself.

Finally, when we train, we should look at quality of movements and not just do them for the sake of doing them. 10 quality workouts are more effective than 100 poor quality workouts. sessions.

May 12, 2023