How beginners can get themselves a quality basketball workout

One, warm-up

Because beginners are not familiar enough with basketball, in order to increase effectiveness of training, they can immediately start ball training after a simple stretch, such as fingering three rings around high and low dribble, etc., and use ball training to fully warm up and improve your ball feel

Two, training

It is best to determine content of training in advance according to your situation, in order to greatly guarantee quality of training! The content of temporary agreement, uncertain factors are too large, and learning efficiency will be greatly reduced!

The training content for beginners is mainly based on basic moves and throws! Arrange learning content in order from simple to complex, which can be conditionally divided into three parts


②Extended part

③Extended part

Let's take dribbling as an example, then training content can be organized in this way


High dribble in place and low dribble in place V-shaped dribble with one hand in place (100 sets, five sets per action, five sets per hand)

②Reinforce Part

Upward dribble in motion, low dribble in motion, V-drill with one hand in motion (bottom line to center line and back and forth in a group, each movement is 3 groups for left and right hand)

③Extended part

High dribble on move followed by a one-handed V-drill and low dribble on move followed by a one-handed V-drill (bottom line to center line back and forth in one set, five sets each on left flank). and right hands)

Third, relax and stretch

Don't rest directly after completing training content! Stretch in combination with training content of day, unload body from training and get ready for next workout!

May 12, 2023