Learning basic dribbling skills for 30 minutes a day is better than random shooting all day long!

Mr. Shishi shared many stellar tricks with you. Many people responded that after watching it they thought it was good, but they just couldn't do it in real combat and they couldn't always beat others.

Many moves are based on a solid foundation of basic skills. The next practical gentleman will share methods for training basic dribbling skills.

One time, crotch

When practicing crotch dribbling around figure eight, generally pay attention to downward dribbling hit point during practice and set a goal each day, such as reaching 50 reps before performing next move.

The same is true for reverse dribbling around figure eight, try to train your left and right hands to balance effect.

Once you've mastered figure-eight dribble for one dribble, you can start practicing for two dribbles and gradually develop a sense of dribbling.

The next step is to dribble three times and many times around figure eight. This type of low-handed dribbling has a very low center of gravity, which can help you dribble better in a real fight without getting caught.

Second, catch ball under crotch

Grab ball quickly with both hands under crotch, and speed must be fast so that ball does not fall. This can help you do continuous crotch dribbling in a real fight.

Three, spider blob

The so-called web dribbling consists of keeping body's center of gravity unchanged, placing hands in front of and behind body and allowing ball to move under crotch. If you can't master it at beginning, it is recommended to learn dribbling before you.

4. Dribble with your left and right hand

During dribbling practice, center of gravity should be kept low. When dribbling with your left and right hand, try to use your fingers to dribble, on one hand, you can improve strength of your fingers, and on other hand, also increase frequency of dribbling.

Five, crossover

The cross in front of you is one of most commonly used dribbling techniques. During training, you can gradually increase your speed and gradually improve stability of your dribbling.

6. Dribble from side in place

Many people tend to drop ball when dribbling with crotch. During training, we should focus on dribbling two feet back and forth in order to be more comfortable in dribbling and breaking ball.

Seven, leading back

Dribbling behind back is also one of commonly used ways of dribbling. At beginning of classes, you can lower center of gravity, and gradually increase the speed and frequency of dribbling.

If you find this guide helpful, feel free to share it with your golfers and make progress together.

May 12, 2023