basic basketball skills

Basic basketball skills are divided into four types: dribbling, shooting, passing and catching and footwork

One, dribbling

Dribbling plays a vital role in basketball. Practicing good dribbling can give you more opportunities to attack in a real fight. Of course, practice of dribbling also depends on methods such as vertical dribbles, left and right dribbles, and crotch dribbles. , back dribble, practice in sequence, training method is to dribble slowly at beginning, goal is to find your own path and dribble path, and then increase your arm strength and get used to vigorous dribble. In process, trajectory of ball is still mastered.

Two, serve

Pitching is a basketball scoring method and a key technique. The serve starts with posture. Good posture is foundation of serve, and then power and arc control. At this time, someone will ask what to do if shot is always taken away, main reason for retracting shot is low point, slow shooting, bad physiology. If ball point is low, you need to rely on continuous practice to improve ball point. Slow delivery means that dribbling and collecting motions are not related to each other. You can find a familiar dribbling movement and practice collecting ball to increase your coordination. If my physiology is bad, I have nothing to do, I can only strengthen with exercises.

Three, pass ball

There is a direct pass and a ground pass, both of which can be taken literally. Many people don't like to pass. They think they can ignore their teammates if they think they are good enough. This is bad. Idea. Passing and catching play a vital role in a real fight. Just watch "Hazy's Basketball" to understand importance of passing.

Four, steps

Running, jumping, stepping, turning and other steps are basic basketball skills. In these movements, you must find your center of gravity, harm.

Finally, basketball is a very enjoyable sport. There is less hostility and more kindness on set.

May 14, 2023