How can I play real basketball well?

How can I play real basketball well?

There are always brothers lately who have these problems


Why do I practice everything?

When it comes to real combat, can't you fight?


Why in real combat I sometimes play well and sometimes I play stupid

Always unstable?

This time, Brother Dee wants to give brothers different haberdashery items

Why can't you play real basketball?

How to practice can really improve yourself!

How can I play real basketball well?

First, let's talk about extrajudicial part:

1. Basic Skills

Basic skills are basis of everything

Basic skills are no good, everything else is nonsense

The core skills here include basic basketball skills (handling, shooting and passing) and physical fitness (speed, strength, explosive power)

Basic skills need to be practiced every day, regardless of your level. It's boring, tedious and hard work, but it will definitely help you overcome bottleneck

How can I play real basketball well?

When you're always worried that you can't get past others

It's better to train your weak hand that can only dribble

When you constantly complain that you don't have time or space to play baseball

It is better to take 200 standard shots every day with bare hands

These are still your big brother's words

Lots of repetition, hardened steel

How can I play real basketball well?

2. Get out of your workout comfort zone

This is especially important! !

After mastering basic skills, all training should be based on real combat

Do not repair these useless and fashionable things. We play basketball with flesh and blood, not flower balls for entertainment

How can I play real basketball well?

It doesn't matter how clever your mid-air stunts are, real combat is different

You said you learned shamgod, in&out, double crossover, but if you have defensive pressure why do you only fold

The tricks Brother Dee teaches are not about teaching you how to pretend, but how to use them to kill opponents in real combat

These top players, their direction-changing tricks are flexibly used in case of physical confrontation and defensive pressure

A real fight is not a school exam

It has no evaluation criteria

How can I play real basketball well?

A few tips on how to get out of your comfort zone in training

a. Add distractions to exercise:

Insert ball into ball

Closer to defender and change direction by playing two teams and passing ball accurately

For such training, try to simulate a real fight

If you train on your own

Then it's better to imagine these scenes for practice than to play blindly

b. Learn how to use your body skillfully:

You have to learn your body to get edge

When you get stuck, use this muscle to apply force

Sometimes a small action can make a big difference

c. Don't be afraid to move during your workout:

During training, do not be afraid of mistakes, play boldly and make moves

Even at first, you fail every time

Once you do, ball will be thrown

Then desperately study and practice this movement several times

The more uncomfortable you are, more you have to conquer it

In real combat

Everything your opponent does makes you uncomfortable

g. Three heads-up dribbles:

This is Devin Williams' teaching method

Very practical, I love it!

Head to head half court, maximum three dribblings

The kick must be taken within three dribbles

In a real fight, no one will let you run and run

You tend to procrastinate to find rhythm heads-up

Only in game will you be overloaded and hurried with ball

How can I play real basketball well?

Let's talk about spotlight:

1. Learn to find a place, look at station and overcome time difference

In real combat, act smart, not reckless

Combined with a sudden pass, play smarter

Learn to observe defender's position and overall defensive space

About observing defender's position

Brothers, you can watch my video

"How to break through and outperform others to be more effective?" "

About other skills

DG will share following haberdashery items with brothers

In short, you must have brains when you play basketball

First, play easy, and second, protect yourself

How can I play real basketball well?

2. Confidence and Focus

This is not a technical level

But I still want to remind my brothers

Because you are on court, you must have determination to win

Confidence doesn't mean you play hard

But handle ball with determination and passion

The determination to attack when you want to attack and pass ball quickly when there is open space

Missed or made a mistake, was scored by an opponent or incorrectly scored

Do not affect

Sometimes a strong heart can make you perform supernaturally on court!

How can I play real basketball well?

May 14, 2023