Basic Basketball Course for Beginners: Basic Moves

Basic Basketball Course for Beginners: Basic Moves

The "basic moves" in basketball are skills that help players react quickly in different situations and need to be kept in a state of motion during game.


Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, back straight. This pose, to emphasize its use in basketball, can be called "basketball pose".

Basic Basketball Course for Beginners: Basic Moves

Dribbling and holding ball in front

Depending on whether you are attacking or defending, distance between legs in "basic pose" varies and needs to be fine-tuned depending on situation.

When attacking, especially when holding ball, in order to quickly transform "basic action" into three basic actions of "throwing", "dribbling" and "passing", one should adopt a "basic posture".


Basic Basketball Course for Beginners: Basic Moves

Both feet touch ground at same time

Note stopping of footwork when catching ball. Like many other sports, footwork is very important in basketball. In total, 10 people from two teams participated in game. In a 40-minute game, each player can only touch ball for an average of 4 minutes. That is, most of time game goes without ball. , Action is more important. Therefore, footwork in basketball is an extremely important basic element.

In basketball, stopping, turning and offensive footwork are very important, especially when catching ball. For stopping, there is a "jump stop" and a "straight stop". There is a "forward turn" and a "back turn" for turning, and a "gliding step" and "cross step" for defense.

Hand movement:

Basic Basketball Course for Beginners: Basic Moves

In game state, you can easily use your two-handed dribbling skills

Precise hand control helps you level up. Football, which is mainly controlled by feet, is called "playing with feet". Unlike basketball, which is controlled by hands, that is why it is called "playing with hands". " ". To further improve shooting, dribbling, passing, catching and other skills, "the ability to accurately and strongly control ball" is a prerequisite.


Adding game form to practice While all basic skills are very important, compared to mastering basic moves and shooting, many players will feel "dull and boring" so coaches should be careful not to focus on a particular element of over-practice for too long.

At same time, after each training of basic movements, training in a competitive style should be carried out. This is done in order to keep player's attention and inform them of importance of basic movements.

May 14, 2023