The Four Essential Skills Required to Be a Quality Basketball Point Guard

A quality basketball guard is essential core of any high-level basketball team, as well as main organizer and commander in entire game, so there is a "second coach on field", "giving orders", "and a half-coach linebacker". To become a top basketball defenseman, you need to master following skills: 1. Excellent technical skills: in addition to good physical condition and solid basic skills, basketball point guards are particularly adept at moving, passing, sprinting and shooting. . Such as speed, strength, agility, endurance and flexibility are excellent; all kinds of passing and dribbling skills are excellent, including accurate passing and shooting timing. Its comprehensive performance is "stable, accurate, fast and changeable". Only on basis of "stability, accuracy, speed and change" can we quickly create effective offensive capabilities for our partners. At same time, I should have a good long-range shot and break (simple, full stop). 2. First-class psychological quality: The current basketball game is getting more and more intense. High speed, high efficiency and high results are main characteristics of modern basketball. The performance on court is this: fierce fighting, tight pressing, hard play, strong pushing and accurate shooting. Winning or losing a game is often determined in last few minutes, tens of seconds, or even a few seconds of game. Therefore, a mature and excellent defender is best able to show his first-class psychological qualities: strong fighting spirit, tenacious style, courage and determination; in order to raise morale and defeat enemy. Good psychological quality is minimum requirement for core of an organization. If you as an organizer are impetuous, striving for success and impulsive, your team organization will be chaotic, players will be at a loss, lose morale, what kind of victory can you talk about? Therefore, a great core defender is banner of whole team, in game he shows a good mentality: be careful in good times and strong in adversity; 3. Excellent organizational ability: As main defender, in addition to being able to carry out coach's strategic and tactical intentions well on field, and serve as a bridge and link, rich experience, adaptability, observation, analysis and judgment are more important Strong ability, broad vision , strong appeal and appeal; every voice, gesture, look, and every movement contains silent cooperation of some tactic or consciousness, such as running in a mix, support, cover, positioning, etc. Play an indispensable role for traveling coaches. Effectively use strategy of "reply to all changes in same way." For example, before opponent's defensive formation is formed, a strong attack should be organized as quickly as possible; Positioning and containment; at whatunder what circumstances to play perimeter and under what circumstances to play in bottom line or combine inside and outside use your strength to overcome opponent's weaknesses, do your best to destroy opponent's defense and achieve goal of throws and scoring. When team members are impatient and agitated, they should slow down attacking rhythm to stabilize "military spirit", patiently organize themselves, look for opportunities to break through defense, and carry out effective attacks; for example, which player should hit ball. fall at end and shoot ball must be known. 4. Rich tactical concepts: The arena is like a battlefield, and combat situation changes rapidly. Therefore, as a central defender, I need to accumulate more experience, have a rich imagination and creativity, be able to hide my tactical intentions, learn to use flexible and volatile playing styles, strategically despise opponents and value myself tactically; when using various strategies and tactics such as "strike east to attack west", "answer from inside out", "fight few with more", "fight small against big", "fight alone". ”, “beat weak strong”, etc .; what tactics should be used in this situation? What tactical play should be used when a team is temporarily leading in scoring? Using dishonest tactics? What is opponent's physical strength, mental state, number of fouls and defensive intentions? You must be clear about this, as is every treasure; you must be able to apply different offensive and defensive tactics according to different styles and characteristics of different teams, and use effective methods to defeat opponents to truly "know yourself and enemy". , and win a hundred battles." Create more and better opportunities for peers and teams. The whole team implements strategic and tactical intentions of game coach, and players on field "play" around organization of main defenders - this is main requirement of each team in game. It has become generally accepted that basketball at home and abroad is developing according to trend of "high confrontation, strong contact and fast switching." Only when a high-quality basketball quarterback has mature and superhuman characteristics in terms of technical skills, organizational skills, mental qualities and tactical concepts, can he perform well in various tasks set by coaches and lead team to victory.

May 14, 2023