Zero-Basic Basketball Knowledge Sharing 1

Zero-Basic Basketball Knowledge Sharing 1

Starting today, I will explain to you basic movements of basketball skills, which we call basic skills. Today we're going to talk about basics of footwork. It mainly consists of basic standing and starting posture, running, jumping, emergency stop, turn, step and defensive footwork. The main methods are as follows:

1. Basic stance and start

The basic stance method is to stand with your feet parallel or forward and back depending on needs of pitch. Lean forward, look straight into your eyes, and maintain starting position at all times. When starting, center of gravity of body shifts towards running side, front foot of hind foot (forward start) or opposite foot (side start) sharply rests on ground, and at same time, upper body quickly leans forward or to side, and hands are coordinated, fully use ground repulsion force to take a quick step in running direction. The first two or three steps after start should be short and fast continuous kicks and should be combined with a quick swing of arm to display speed effectively over shortest distance.

Zero-Basic Basketball Knowledge Sharing 1

Main stance and start

2. Run and jump

Running is most basic and important technical move in basketball and you can only play if you know how to run. Therefore, running is most widely used offensive and defensive action in basketball. The running methods mainly include side running, variable speed running, backward running, direction change running, etc. During competition, running methods can be changed at any time according to actual needs.

Flipping: One of most widely used footwork techniques in basketball games. When changing direction of running (change of direction from right to left is taken as an example), last step is to push front of foot of right foot hard. feet inside. At same time, turn toes slightly inward, quickly bend knees, and then rotate lower back inward to shift center of gravity to left, tilt upper body forward to left, step forward with left foot and push off ground hard, and quickly step forward with right foot forward to left, keep running faster.

Zero-Basic Basketball Knowledge Sharing 1

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Jumping is main technique commonly used in basketball for offense and defense to fight for space. Jump shots are used to shoot, jumps are used to grab and steal ball, jumps are used to control space, jumps are used to intercept. position capture and so on. There are two methods: one is to jump with both feet, other is to jump with one foot. Jumping with both feet is mainly used for jump shots, grabbing defensive rebounds, etc., and jumping with one foot is mainly used for shooting while moving, tackling and stealing ball. Push-off with both feet starts from basic standing pose, quickly plant your feet on ground, while swinging your arms up, soaring up and keeping your body in balance in air. A one-foot take-off usually begins with a run-up, a quick and vigorous strike with one foot on ground to get up in desired direction, and after completing air movement, return to original standing position upon landing.

That's all for today, next time we'll talk about crash stops, turns, steps and defensive footwork. I share a small amount of content every day, hoping to help basketball beginners.

May 14, 2023