Basketball Basic Practice - Advanced One-Handed Dribbling

After practicing vigorous one-handed up and down dribbling, you can move on to advanced one-handed dribbling. Advanced one-handed dribbling is based on energetic dribbling. If you are not proficient in vigorous dribbling, it is not recommended to practice more. Advanced one-handed dribbling basically involves three moves.

One, entry and exit

Inside and outside refers to inside and outside dribbling. When dribbling, lead draws a circle on front of body, thumb, index and middle fingers dribble vigorously, while ring and little fingers interact with ball to draw circle. The strength of fingers is very important and strength directly affects stability and evaluation of movement. Three groups at a time, 30 times per group. Once you get comfortable, try entering and exiting at different heights and feel change to strengthen your skill and better adapt to real combat.

Second, V-shaped dribbling

V-drilling refers to pulling ball left and right with front of body, and trajectory of ball is V-shaped. Let's take right hand as an example for V-dribbling. When dribbling from right to left, force is applied by little finger, ring finger, and middle finger, and when moving from left to right, force is applied by thumb, index, and middle fingers. . In process of V-driving, fingers are constantly switched and used, which can effectively improve flexibility of fingers. Once you have mastered V-dribbling, you can practice it along with your crotch.

3. Pull ball back and forth

Dribbling ball back and forth is movement of ball back and forth with one side of body, which is actually a V-shaped dribble from side. But this is not exactly same, and force of pulling ball back and forth is also different. Pulling ball back and forth is driven by big hand to lead small hand, and then forces palm to drive ball. It is no longer a specific finger or a few fingers that exert force, but entire palm. You must pay attention at this point. Once you have mastered forward and backward movement of ball, practice on same side of perineum as if you were looking for something.

I would like to emphasize here that during training process you should pay attention to how your fingers apply force. Proper effort can lead to you getting twice result with half effort.

If you're interested in basketball but don't know how to train, follow me as I'll keep updating basics of basketball training.

May 14, 2023