basketball story

Perhaps I have a subtle feeling for basketball. Not as crazy as boys, because I can no longer run wildly around court with boys, stand under same basket and grab ball with them, and score goals that live up to expectations. So while my love for basketball still exists, I never play basketball again. It's not as "crazy" as some girls. They love basketball like racing for stars. They like it fast and they don't like it fast. When I don't like it, I don't care about basketball anymore. I think that my love for basketball may be a little "moderate", a little "obscure", or maybe it's not sympathy at all. My first dream about basketball came when I watched cartoon "Slam Dunk". One day I imagined that I could understand Sakuragi Hanamichi, Rukawa Kaede's elegance in play, and Mitsui Hisashi's general standard in throwing stance. Although it turns out that I am not second dribbler, thank God I do not have strength to lift ball over my head with both hands and throw it into basket with my wrists. So what I can do is get into a shooting stance, connect air and my regrets, and talk about masturbation. At that time, I just thought that playing ball was very chic. Later, neighbors and friends began to play basketball in open space of new village. There was no basketball court. The length of basketball court was a road 5 meters wide, and width was about 6 meters. m. Basketball boxes are often replaced with volleyball and leather balls. On such a "miniature" court, "miniature basketball" is played with two dribbling and walking. At that time I was still young and could only play football. When I grow up, I will be able to throw ball skillfully, and I also joined their team. Older boys already know word "walking", so naturally I know word "walking". So I would rather try my best to hug ball than take an extra step with my feet. So I often "Second Games", I didn't know that at time and I still enjoyed playing our own basketball with them. Later everyone became worried about studying, they lined up one after another and one after another threw such children's basketball games. Until year I entered high school, I also said goodbye to this kind of life. I once asked my playmates if there would be "successors" here and they said no, no. I said, “Listen, there are no new members right now.” The boy pointed to youngest of us, "Here, Sister Yui." I shook my head, "You can't count on girls." He said, "Aren't you a girl too?" "Have you ever seen a second crazy girl like me play basketball with a boy?" He shook his head and continued, "Yes." I think I share A subtle feeling can come from this! Physical education lesson in junior high school, you can play basketball. In beginning there were girls who had same hobbies as me, but more girls were afraid,when you saw a basketball. Wait until ball touches ground and bounces before you catch it. Sometimes if you get ball once, you will never dare to play basketball again. If he falls, then everyone will go to infirmary in fear, and a good basketball game will become a complete disappointment. And later this guy just no one else touched. So left alone, I had no choice but to stop "touching that guy". Only occasionally did I take boy's basketball for a few shots. I took a few glances as I passed school stadium and I don't know if it was envy or disappointment. And unforgettable "mini-basketball" really disappeared a year later, because there were no successors. Actually, I know that I know very little about basketball, but I still like it. The boys in class often went out to play outside school, and that day I ran into a mighty "escort" and boy actually asked me: "Do you want to play together?" I said, "Forget it, I'll weigh you down. “They always like to talk loudly about basketball, stars. I think listening to them talk and watching them play is enough to satisfy my childhood fantasies. I firmly believe that basketball is a game for brave. I'm not brave enough, and my physique doesn't meet requirements of a basketball player, so I can only like it, but not love it.

May 14, 2023