Basketball Shooting Wrist Strength Tips

Wrist strength training for basketball shooting must be in place. If wrist strength training is not carried out, it will lead to a lack of strength when throwing, and also have a certain effect on accuracy. The following is basketball compiled by editor for everyone Shooting Wrist Strength Training, I hope it will be useful for everyone!

Basketball Shooting Wrist Strength Training

1. Practice shooting all time or do push-ups with ball supported by both hands.

2. Find basket on your own. When throwing, keep your legs straight, do not bend them, raise your arms up, maintain correct posture, and then throw ball with force of your wrists.

3. Prepare dumbbells and grips. When watching TV, take dumbbells to practice turning your wrists (increase wrist strength) and practice while watching TV. There is no delay between these two actions. When riding bus, take out your grips. exercise fingers (increasing finger strength) and it will take effect in about two months.

4. Use an iron rod or wood. Tie middle with a rope. Hang a brick or iron below and twist it up and down with your wrist. You practice shooting every day, but don't rush to shoot, you slow down. Pay attention to apply as much force as possible with your wrist, from slow to fast, and shoot like this every day. Don't take it to heart.

5. A small barbell can be held behind back with both hands and wound behind buttocks. Push yourself with back of your hand. At beginning of movement, let bar hang on fingers, that is, fingers hook bar, and palms are open at this time. Then begin to bend your fingers until you roll barbell into your palm. At this time, he is like a fist. Thus, wrist strength is constantly practiced. You can also lie down, raise bar above your head, and then hook it and curl your palms. Currently, this is same as force of shaking wrist when shooting.

6.Easier when you are free, turn your wrist down or up with your bare hands (a little force is better).After a long time, you can hold ball firmly and prevent sprains.It is very comfortable. You can also add some help such as: Dumbbells, horizontal bars, these supports that can train your wrists, you need to practice more.

Three-point wrist movements

1. "Shooting starts from feet" is absolutely true, especially for actions like three-pointers. ) Three-pointers are too difficult and it is recommended to master them without using them. In many cases, a ground start is sufficient for amateurs. A three-pointer requires relatively high strength, and I advise everyone not to believe too much that your hands can provide so much power and use it so accurately. The knee and rebound can receive more momentum, which helps to increase strength of hand for aiming.

2. Hand movement training is difficult to describe in words.put it on yourself. To achieve a dynamic shape, so that your arms and hands can feel very stable.

3. The aiming point of a three-pointer is generally farthest point of basket, and height of basket should generally be high, almost as high as possible, and you must consciously shoot high when adapt, but you may feel good after training over a period of time, especially friends who are not accurate in three-point shooting may try to shoot with a high arc, which may surprise you.

4. The corner is more difficult to shoot (because of aiming eyes, no reference object), but this place often has most chances for shooting three-pointers, so you need to pay more attention to training when shooting in this place. The only way to level up.

Basketball training elements

The importance of strength training for basketball players

Almost all movements of human body are associated with resistance, and great muscle strength has laid a good foundation for achieving excellent athletic performance. Strength has a very close relationship with other qualities, and is also basis for mastering motor functions. Therefore, strength is main quality. Classes with various special exercises require a certain strength training.

May 14, 2023