Basketball Stories - The Story of Basketball Superstar Kobe Bryant

"Los Angeles at four o'clock in morning", this is self-proclaimed Kobe. Since he came to NBA, he insisted on getting up at four in morning to train for a long time, and he needs to score a thousand goals every day before he finishes. So when a reporter asked why Kobe was such a success, Kobe replied, "Do you know what Los Angeles looks like at four in morning?" The reporter shook his head. "I know what it's like in Los Angeles every morning at four o'clock." Bryant said his success is entirely due to his hard work. When most people were still asleep, he showed up in Lakers practice room. There has also been a video on internet of Kobe driving to gym before dawn to train, but 4:00 am story still leaves people in doubt. An American trainer named Robert Alert revealed inside story of Kobe's diabolical training last summer: "The Training Story of Kobe and Me." Such was Kobe Bryant's training experience in Las Vegas as he trained for 2012 London Olympics with Team USA. “The night before first US team practice, I remember it was 3:30 in morning and I was in bed watching Casablanca. I saw it was Kobe calling. He answered call nervously,” recalled Robert Alert. "Robert, I hope I didn't disturb you," Bryant said over phone. "No, Kobe, what's matter?" Robert replied. “I was wondering if you could help me with my physical preparation,” Bryant said. Robert looked at time, it was already 4:15. Although he was about to go to bed because it was Kobe's call, he could only grit his teeth and reply, "Of course, see you later in training room."It took Robert about 20 minutes to hang up Get ready, then leave hotel and go to training room. But when he arrived at training hall, Kobe was sweating alone, and it was 5 in morning. "Kobe's body sweats like he just got out of pool."After that, under guidance of Robert, Kobe spent about 1 hour and 15 minutes on physical training, and then 45 minutes on strength training. . "I was so tired that I could only go back to hotel to rest, while Kobe kept going back to practice hall for shooting practice." together at 11. Nod your head like you haven't slept. When he returned to training hall, he found that all members of American team were there. "LeBron and Anthony are chatting, old coach K is explaining something to Durant, and Kobe on right is still practicing shooting.""When will you finish?" Robert asked. "The end of what?" Bryant asked back. "Shooting practice when you left gym?""Oh, I just finished because I wanted to shoot 800 shots," said Bryant. After listening to Kobe's words, Robert realized that Kobe's high performance last season was not at all surprising, and it was not surprising that he dunked on youngx players who were 10 years younger than him. It's amazing that Chu is leading rankings. This is Kobe, Kobe at four in morning.

May 14, 2023