the meaning of basketball

The meaning of basketball for me starts from very beginning of my first contact with basketball.

My first introduction to basketball was around second grade of elementary school. It was one of few parent-child activities in which my parents accompanied me. It was my mother who taught me to play basketball, dribble and shoot. , plus I have a certain love for sport, which is why I included it in activities of parents and children when I was young.

After that, school participated in competition. Since there weren't many players playing at school at time, I logically took part in it. When I was in class, maybe I saw my love for basketball, and there was another competition in city. I was chosen as captain for competition, and I also came in third place. It was this competition that made me fall in love with basketball. In sports a new understanding emerged. I felt like I was in a fierce battle. My brothers and I were more focused than ever. Now that I think about it, I can still provide some details. There is also applause from off field and honor of being named on podium after receiving an award, all of which stimulate me.

When I was in high school, basketball seemed to be in vogue. At that time, I could only play with girls if I didn't know how to play.

After high school, I entered a semi-private school. In addition to studying and playing sports during week, basketball has become one of few after-school entertainments. In adolescence, boys who play basketball well are very popular. also train hard in basketball for that.

Now playing basketball seems to have become a habit, a free time to relax in a busy life, only way to prove that I'm still "alive" and also my most treasured memory.

May 14, 2023