Basketball Knowledge: Simple and easy to remember basic basketball knowledge

How many people know everything about basics of basketball and rules of basketball? This article first briefly introduces you to some of most basic knowledge about basketball. If you want to know a specific and detailed introduction to basketball, you can click to enter.

Easy and easy to remember basic basketball knowledge 1: there are 5 positions on basketball court






Easy and Easy to Remember Basic Basketball Knowledge II: Basketball Scoring Types

1 point - free throw after violation by opponent

2 points - hit, dunk or layover within three-point line

3 points - i.e. shots for three-point line

Easy and easy to remember basic basketball knowledge 3: Types of basketball offenses

Out of bounds ball violation - player kicks ball out of bounds

Double dribble violation - continuing to dribble after receiving ball

Failure to walk with ball - taking three or more steps after receiving ball

5 Second Violation - No Delivery within 5 Seconds

Foul at 8 seconds - Dribble forward for 8 seconds

24 Second Violation - Ball not in valid shooting action for 24 seconds prior to initiation of attack and basketball in frame

Kicking ball violation, i.e. kicking ball into a basketball

Easy and easy to remember basic basketball knowledge 4: types of basketball fouls

1. Personal foul

2. Offensive foul

3. Defense foul

4. Foul blocking

Easy and Easy to Remember Basketball Fives Basic Knowledge: Passing Technical Analysis

A holds ball: with two hands, with one hand;

Ball B: two hands, one hand;

The flight path of ball C: straight line, arc, broken line;

Issue point D:

Proper passing technique should be: covert, timely, fast and on spot.

The correct technique for catching ball is to get rid of guard, step forward and get stuck, and then reach for ball.

Simple and easy to remember basic knowledge of basketball six: two dribbling skills

Key points: ability to control ball, footwork, hand, leg and waist coordination; dribbling time: advance from backcourt to frontcourt; corner passes to create offensive opportunities for teammates.

Easy and easy to remember basic knowledge of basketball VII: technical elements of three-shot game

1. Holding ball;

2. Shot.

(1) Aiming method;

(2) The arc of shot;

(3) Spin ball.

Simple and easy-to-remember basic knowledge of basketball eight: elements to improve shooting accuracy

1. correctfiring arc:

2. Long range of ball in an arc;

3. Basket area exposed to low arc ball is small;

5. Mid to long range shots should cause ball to spin backwards.

The above is a brief introduction to basketball knowledge, I hope you find it useful.

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May 14, 2023