Get back to the basics of basketball and reinvent your dribbling.

It's Monday again when I don't want to go to class

New week, new beginning

I am determined to study hard and succeed every day

Her: Hey, you said that last week

. . .

Stop bragging, get straight to point

If you are new to basketball

Or a veteran who hasn't been systematically trained in ball control

Extraordinary Jun highly recommends this guide

It's all about basic details

And some basic training

The more difficult things you can do while dribbling, more confident you will be.

If you really enjoy playing basketball, practice until they have nothing to say!

1. Hit the ball

2. Touches pad of finger

3. The ball wraps around ball

4. Vigorously dribbles

5. Low finger touch

6. Energetic dribbling with a lot of weight

7. Low dribbling around leg around leg

8, fig. 8, drawing small dribbling, symbol "8"

Slowly raise your arms and reduce amount of dribbling around your legs and finally dribbling just under your crotch every time you change hands.


10. Side to side with one hand in front of body to change direction and control ball

11. Control ball back and forth with one hand back and forth

12. Ball control with one hand inside and out

13. Behind back

Finally you can take it

Or tell your brother there's something good

It can also be used as a basic guide for girls

You understand, no thanks!

May 14, 2023