Basic motor skills of basketball

Basic motor skills of basketball

There are strict height requirements in basketball, but short people can also make up for their lack of height with technology, awareness, fitness, etc. The following are basic basketball motor skills, which are basic skills of playing basketball. .

Basketball skills, dribbling

Basic motor skills of basketball

Basic Dribbling Skills:

The center of gravity must be low and stable when dribbling. To skillfully master cross-dribbling with both hands, throw ball with your palms down, and do not turn your wrists back. Good dribbling technique should be such that ball “sticks” to you, it follows you, and not you follow it. You can use bamboo poles as a person to practice dribbling.

Dribbling skills:

Change dribbling is a commonly used dribbling skill and also a practical dribbling skill. That is, quickly change direction when dribbling, catching opponent by surprise, and some can even knock opponent down so that you can easily pass others. Pay attention to practicing crotch dribbling, back dribbling, cross dribbling, etc., which are necessary to change direction of dribbling. To change direction of dribbling, you need to lower body, increase speed of dribbling and try to find a friend for real combat practice.

Basketball Skills II Breakthrough

Basic motor skills of basketball

One of breakout elements

Quick and accurate first step. Whether breakthrough is successful or not, first step will play an important role. The most important first step is to be fast. We often see Jordan, Iverson and others go straight ahead and take just one step to completely cross a defender's defensive zone - this is effect of first step.

Of course, for most people, possibility of being forced to overtake someone by one step is still relatively small, so this should be a very important factor. The so-called accuracy is first step. Facing defender, you must at least step into a position parallel to opponent's legs in order to create obstacles for opponent's half-turn lateral movement, to delay his movement as much as possible. possibly create difficulties. This standard, in fact, can be called "big".

Second breakout element

Shoulders drop. Dropping shoulder is another element of breakout. The so-called lowering of shoulders consists in lowering shoulders and lowering center of gravity in order to facilitate confrontation during movement. Using shoulder drop technique, top two people are Jordan and Kobe. Drop your shoulders, face defender, get into a vantage point, and don't relax. Many people often overlook vantage point fight when they break through, resulting in a successful first move and then finding a defender in front of them.

Third breakout element

Temp. This is most important point, that is, consciousness must follow in footsteps. Use your flexibility, use your body to lean on defender to get into an advantageous position, and be aware of your steps, regardless of how your arms don't break when dribbling. In this process, you should pay attention to how fast your legs are moving, and not how to prevent others from stealing ball. When steps are done correctly and person and ball are united, good results will naturally be achieved. And it is impossible to think about not being intercepted, it is impossible to have a good breakthrough.

Basketball Skills Three, Pass

Main Skill Transfer Position:

When passing ball, place your hands in front of your chest, five fingers naturally apart, palms facing out to support ball, wrists bent back, feet naturally apart, shoulder-width apart or lunging forward. and back, with a steady center of gravity, Keep your eyes straight ahead (it's best to learn to look in six directions).

Skill passing direction and strength:

Direction matters when passing ball. This may seem simple, but it is not. Passing ball towards a teammate after seeing position is sometimes out of place or intercepted by an opponent. This is because most players in a game are always on move and do not can pass ball straight There must be an arc. ,Pre-evaluating direction of players and passing ball forward.

In addition, when passing ball, force should not be too strong or too light. Too much passing or too high ball speed will make it difficult for teammates to catch ball, and it will be easy to lose ball. ; if pass is short or speed of ball is very low, it is easy for opponent to steal the ball.

Basketball skills four, shooting

Basic motor skills of basketball

Basic Shooting Skills

The position before throw must be correct. When holding ball, right hand should be main one, and left hand should be auxiliary one (for those who are used to using left hand, on contrary). Bring palm of your right hand together and spread your five fingers naturally. The armpit, inside of elbow, back of right hand and joint of forearm should be at a right or close to a right angle. Place your left hand lightly on side of basketball to make sure it is stable. Keep your upper body straight, do not shrug, and let your feet land naturally with your feet shoulder-width apart.

Three-step customization of shooting skills

In front of paw, lower body's center of gravity, do not drop ball above waist, keep body level, and keep upper body straight. Lean forward as much as possible while running, pat basketball with your palms down, do not turn your wrists. When jumping on third step, wrist naturally pulls ball outward, trying to be as soft as possible so that basketball has room to maneuver. Thus, percentage of hits is relatively high. Many beginners often fail when they make last throw, or they use too much power, ball hits board and goes away, or they are not strong enough and after throw they just touch net or even miss. The basis of three-stage throw is development of basic skills of throw, especially throw on ring. When throwing ball, strength of hand should be used evenly, preferably gentle, and wrist should be flexible.

Shooting skills, power and arc of fire

When throwing ball, notice strength of right hand pushing ball forward and arc of ball. As a general rule, for right-handers, strength depends on distance between your position and basket. The running arc of basketball should be higher, which can improve hitting speed, i.e. try to throw ball as high as possible.

Basketball is a team sport that puts a lot of emphasis on tacit understanding of players, which is why we often hear slogan "No Brothers, No Basketball" to show that basketball is a team sport. Only by mastering basic movements of game of basketball, you can develop more skills.

Reprinted from: The Path of Health

May 14, 2023