How to quickly improve your basketball skills

How to quickly improve your basketball skills

If you want to be good at basketball, you can't just train and play alone. If you are a beginner, in addition to usual basic skills and strength exercises, you should train often. The more you play in real combat, faster your basketball skills will improve. They are very adaptable. The more you play with them, faster you will increase your experience on field. Do not be afraid of difficulties in training and in game. Because basketball relies on real skills. nothing you can get without paying. Yes. When playing, don't be afraid that you can't play well. If you don't cooperate well, don't dare shoot or rush. The worst thing about basketball is being timid. Throw when there's a chance, and throw when there's a gap. I believe that no one claims to be a master. The master has become a master since he started playing basketball. Everyone has a beginner time

It's mostly training, you can first practice basics like dribbling, turning, layups and free throws. When you actually fight, there are only a few moves, and then you need to practice fitness, strength, and flexibility, and watch game more. Don't learn from star players like turn and fall of Kobe Bryant, Paul, and Parker's early disguise. These are all players in excellent physical shape. We have been training since childhood. We can't reach that height, so we can just learn basics. Recommended if you watch game, do not look at these superstars Battier, Duncan, these players have a certain physical fitness, but they have a high ball ratio, and they can use passing, running and screening to increase strength of their teammates.

How to quickly improve your basketball skills

The method is below

1. Study hard and practice hard. If you want to play basketball well and improve your basketball skills, you must study hard and train hard. During training, it is better to find several friends for sparring, which is more useful and effective than training alone.

2. Find a good master. If you want to learn basketball well and play basic skills well, it is very important to find a professional teacher. Good or bad basketball skills are inseparable from learning when you first come into contact with basketball. Generally, moves and habits you learn at beginning will change later, so you must find a good master to practice with.

3. Dribbling. When dribbling, center of gravity should be low and stable. The height of dribbling should be below waist. Look at ball out of corner of your eye so that ball does not hit your legs. To skillfully master cross-dribbling with both hands, throw ball with your palms down, and do not turn your wrists back. Good dribbling technique should be such that ball “sticks” to you, it follows you, and not you follow it.

4. Passage. When passing ball, place your hands in front of your chest, spread your five fingers naturally, hold ball with your palms out, bend your wrists back, and naturally spread your legs shoulder-width apart or lunge forward and backward. The center of gravity must be stable, and eyes must look straight ahead, in addition, direction of passage is very important. This may seem simple, but it is not. Passing ball towards a teammate after seeing position is sometimes out of place or intercepted by an opponent. This is because most players in a game are always on move and do not can pass ball straight There must be an arc. , Pre-evaluating direction of players and passing ball forward.

5. Shooting. General shooting posture: right hand is dominant and left hand is secondary. Bring palm of your right hand together and spread your five fingers naturally. The armpit, inside of elbow, back of right hand and joint of forearm should be at a right or close to a right angle. Place your left hand lightly on side of basketball to make sure it is stable. Keep your upper body straight, do not shrug, and let your feet land naturally with your feet shoulder-width apart. When throwing ball, pay attention to strength of right hand pushing ball forward and direction of left hand.

6. Coordination. In a basketball game, coordination is very important, it is necessary to evaluate running position of teammates in advance, which is especially important when counterattacking, if you pass ball in time, you can play a very beautiful defensive counterattack.

Practice hard and look forward to getting better! come on! stranger.

How to quickly improve your basketball skills

May 14, 2023