Basketball zero foundation, how to learn systematically?

Basketball zero foundation, how to learn systematically?

It can be said that basketball occupies a very important place in lives of many people. With constant promotion of basketball, you may feel that there are more and more basketball courts around you and more and more people playing basketball. there are many brothers who want to learn basketball, so if you don't go to professional training, how can you learn basketball well on your own? As an older brother who has been playing basketball for eight years, I would like to give you some advice.

It's best to start with basic skills without foundation. It is recommended to select dribble and throw first. Learn these two skills first to improve faster and increase your confidence in game. court!

If you don't have a foundation and barely touch ball, start with ball feel and you can practice with one ball when you have time!

1. Headbinding: use ball to move around neck, this movement is very useful for improving ability to control ball.

Two. Hoop: The ball goes around waist, and faster better!

3. Knee dribble: A typical ball exercise. This type of lead is a basic workout that combines coordination, flexibility, and some upper body strength. It seems to be useless for dribbling. , in fact, who practices, he knows.

4.One-legged perineum lead: This type of lead can help your perineum lead find landing point as quickly as possible, and can also improve coordination between upper and lower limbs at height. . Note that when you first start practicing, don't go too fast, from slow to fast, step by step. Spread your feet shoulder-width apart, then bend over slightly and wrap ball around your right shin, after a few sets, switch to your left foot and wrap ball around your left foot.

5. Horoscope for perineum: It directly assists movement of perineum. The more accurately horoscope is drawn up, more stable perineum will be.

6.One hand dribble and wall touch: when ball bounces, touch wall with your right hand

Many friends may not be able to clearly explain movements, friends in need can pay attention to me or send me a private message, I will talk about it later

How to improve ball performance in everyday life?

We can often envy others for their beautiful handling and smooth movements. We all hope we can dribble as well as Irving and Curry. Only with a good ball character can you befriend a basketball player and make him listen to you obediently.

Below are a few ball exercises that you can do in your daily life:

  • Hit hard
  • Hold ball with both hands, spread your fingers and hit basketball vigorously with your palms.

    The goal is to give everyone opportunity to quickly get used to basketball and feel it.

    Basketball zero foundation, how to learn systematically?

    Introducing arc of ball, getting comfortable with shape of hand

  • Fingerball
  • Speed ​​dial from top of head, chest and belly respectively.

    The goal is to practice finger dexterity and ball control until fingers and hands hurt every time.

    Basketball zero foundation, how to learn systematically?

    Tap ball as fast as you can

  • Spin ball with whole body
  • This is easiest way to get used to feel of ball. Practice until you feel pain.

    Three stages: waist rotation, head rotation and knee rotation should be performed clockwise and counterclockwise.

    Basketball zero foundation, how to learn systematically?
  • The crotch around ball
  • This action sets stage for next crotch, change of direction, etc.

    Left and right hands quickly circle ball and train both clockwise and counterclockwise.

    Basketball zero foundation, how to learn systematically?

    These movements need to be practiced without interruption, and you can practice them at home. I always repeat these movements several times when I return from work every day. Basketball has to be practiced.

    No matter what level you have reached, you should not ignore practice of feeling ball. Practice makes perfect and you will regress if you don't practice.

    May 14, 2023