Basic basketball training actions - Dribbling with one hand from same side.

After a vigorous lead, V-shaped lead, inward and outward lead, hand strength and finger flexibility will improve significantly. You can then start practicing more advanced dribbling with one hand on same side. Most one-handed dribbles on one side are harder and more enjoyable to watch, and most of them occur in streetball. Irving's dribbling is spectacular in active NBA, he dribbles very well with one hand from same side. Next, I will show you two dribbles with one hand from same side.

1. Move one hand under crotch

Dribbling ball under crotch with one hand is similar to pulling ball to side with one hand, except that ball lands between two feet. Compared to pulling ball to side with one hand, pulling ball with one hand from same side of crotch is more difficult. Beginners often have trouble hitting ball, so pay attention to combination of dribbling and footwork. Three groups at a time, twenty reps per group.

2. Dribble with one hand behind your back

Dribbling behind back with one hand, first step is to push ball from side of driver to side of non-leader, and then use power of leader to dribble ball towards leader, it is difficult to find a point of power for this action, so when dribbling you can cooperate with body rotation and step adjustment to gain strength. The trajectory of ball can be adjusted by adjusting strength of fingers on back of same side. If ball moves forward, thumb, index and middle fingers apply more force. If ball flies sideways, pinky and ring fingers exert more force.

If you're interested in basketball but don't know how to train, follow me as I'll keep updating basics of basketball training.

May 14, 2023