Basic Basketball Training Actions - Changing the Wrong Direction

Compared to changing direction in front of body to get around people behind and worshiping Buddha, changing direction and misleading is easiest way to get around people. Due to incorrect direction, you can only dribble once and use only one hand. Everyone knows about changing direction, so what is such a change of direction that can be misleading? This can actually be taken literally, a change of direction is a change from one direction of attack to another direction of attack, and a change of direction is to make you mistakenly think that I want to break through from that side, but actually break through from opposite direction. . Thus, in order to achieve wrong direction, one must mislead opponent by changing direction. So if you want to get familiar with misdirection, you first need to skillfully change direction and dribble so that fake moves are realistic.

1. Misdirection with one hand

This movement is relatively simple. Just take a trial step in direction of fake move, doing in and out. To make action even more confusing, head feint is also in place, looking in direction of feint.

Second, change direction to mislead and add text before changing direction

This trick can often be used when first trick doesn't work. When a misleading change of direction isn't enough to open space for people passing by, it doesn't matter, and then another change of direction. It's faster and more confusing than a simple drag and drop, and it's a good way to attack. Because of martial arts in world, only thing that can't be broken is speed.

If you're interested in basketball but don't know how to train, follow me as I continue to teach you basics of basketball.

May 14, 2023