Basketball Basic Workout Combination - Crotch Plus Back

After introducing perineum plus front of body, we introduce perineum plus back. One is a combined attack dribbling and other is a combined retreat dribbling to find opportunities. This combo dribbling is great for shooters because it opens up a lot of space and creates shooting opportunities. Of course, crotch and back are used for more than just opening up space. Anyone who knows Irving knows that dribbling behind back can also outrun people. Simply opening up space, dribble behind your back once and dribble twice behind your back on a pass, which we often refer to as Irving's trademark double pass move. Next, I will introduce you specific details of two types of crotch and back.

One behind crotch plus single

As mentioned above, crotch and back are used to open up space. So how can we open up largest space? That's problem. If you want to have enough room to hit, you must first get defender to catch up with defense too late, so when you perform a crotch dribble, center of gravity shifts towards dribble, i.e. shake your shoulders in direction of crotch dribble, False Action shoulder shaking will make defender think you want to break in that direction. At this time, read defender. reverse dribbling to open space. Note here that in order to open a sufficiently large pitching space, retreat step should be large, but at same time, for smooth pitching, it should not be too large, and one should not forget about pitching posture in order to open space.

Second, bend your back under your crotch

The crotch and double back can greatly mobilize a defender. This is a very effective offensive method, and it is very decorative. The crotch plus double back actually adds back dribble based on previous action. Thus, key to this action is last throw back. In this backward dribbling, lead and opposite foot apply force at same time, and lead moves with ball to other side. To maximize distance, foot presses hard on ground and hand drops ball, ball is hard. After mastery, effect is very good.

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May 14, 2023