Basic Basketball Training Activities - Dribbling on Move

Leading on move versus dribble in place. Compared to driving on spot, driving on move is more demanding and more difficult. It requires perfect combination of footwork and dribbling, i.e. human oneness with ball. . Dribbling in motion is closer to a real fight, so his training is more meaningful. Once you've mastered dribbling on spot, you can practice your footwork first and then combine them to practice dribbling on go. Any good player will not look like a tiger in one operation, but when he looks back, he is stuck in place. Each action can either confuse defender or open up space. Additional dribbling is not recommended here. Since game is all about physical strength and efficiency, use easiest way to get most points and game will move on to second half, Technology is in second place, and physical strength is key. Let me introduce some effective teaching methods and details.

1. Dribble in front of walking body

When you first start exercising, you can start with simple movements. First, practice dribbling ball in front of you while walking and find out what it feels like. Note that movements should be smooth and natural.

Second, drip under crotch while marching

Leading crotch while marching is different from guiding crotch in place. This does not bend knees to lower center of gravity, as when dribbling on spot. Instead, try to maintain a normal walking posture that is natural and beautiful. Of course, I would like to add here that perineum can also be trained with a lower center of gravity while marching, goal being to get through others better.

Third, behind march

Compared to first two, back of march is hardest. It is recommended that you start training only after you have practiced dribbling behind your back on spot. One step at a time. Dribbling behind back during a march requires a high combination of steps and dribbling, so when practicing behind scenes dribbling, you need to pay attention to combination of steps and dribbling. By practicing behind back while running, you can start with back dribble, which is less difficult and easier to start with. But whether you are dribbling on spot or in motion, you must pay attention to stability of center of gravity.

If you are interested in basketball, follow me, I will continue to teach you basics of basketball.

May 14, 2023