Five things to keep in mind for beginner basketball players

I have been on field for many years. I have seen many strong street and field players. Each has its own characteristics. The inside line is almost unbeatable. But most of all I see these inexperienced basketball rookies. Whether it's dribbling stance or throwing stance, they're not as fluid and natural. Of course, any master turns from a beginner as a result of hard training, so do not worry, here I will introduce you to some of my own practical experience.

One, insist

Our great leader Mao Zedong once said, "There is nothing difficult in world as long as you are ready to rise." I have seen many newcomers who were enthusiastic at first and vowed to train well in basketball. The set was perfect and after less than a week of practice, I started to backtrack and gave up in less than a month. This is fine? This is not good. Not only was money to buy equipment was wasted, but it also hit his self-confidence hard. Skilled basketball moves are based on hard practice. Since you are determined to play basketball well, you must be mentally prepared to practice every day.

Second, precise positioning

Every good player has their own unique side, which is why they're good. Tall and strong, he is suited to close quarters play, using his size advantage to cooperate with teammates to get rebounds and score in close quarters. The shorter ones are suitable for playing defensively, using speed, cooperating with teammates and scoring.

Three, step by step

Basketball is a gradual process. We cannot reach sky in one step and become a big fat man in one bite. Moreover, our brain's ability to perceive new things is limited, and too much or too little is not good. Each day, set a small goal based on previous ones so that speed of slow practice is maximized.

4. Symmetrical exercise

What are symmetrical exercises? Symmetrical practice means that completion of action must be performed symmetrically from left and right directions. The advantage of this is that it can improve body coordination and increase threat of action so that defenders do not know where you will break through. The more you practice, better ball will feel. Slowly reach realm of unity between man and ball.

Five, more real fight

Training alone is very different from real combat. Practice is a one-man basketball game, without teammates or opponents. Real combat is a team competition that emphasizes cooperation. Moreover, many basketball moves can only be continuously improved in real combat, and timing and strength of moves can be understood.

The above is my five points of experience. If you think this is useful for you, please like and subscribe, and later I will introduce you to more specific practices.

May 14, 2023