Basketball Basic Training Actions - Dribbling in Crotch

The difficulty of dribbling under crotch is slightly higher than in front of body, this can be understood as dribbling obliquely in front of body. The difference is that front lead landing point is directly in front of body, while perineal lead landing point is under perineum. Stepping leads can connect front leads and rear leads, and it is a bridge between front and rear leads. Of course, it is also possible to connect rear leads and front leads without going through crotch lead. Because sometimes crotch connection will take step slower and defender will have enough time to react. Many NBA players like Harden like to find a crotch dribble rhythm and then dribble in front of them to dribble or use a signature move to step back and hit a three-pointer. Today I will introduce you to some of details of crotch dribbling.

One, pickup point

The landing point of ball is very important. You can often meet Xiao Mengxin, who likes to kick when he dribbles ball under crotch. They kicked because ball landed wrong. In fact, whether you're dribbling ball in front of your body, under your crotch, or behind your back, you need to pay attention to where ball lands. Memory will be formed over time, on one hand, movements will become more skillful, on other hand, rhythm will improve.

Second, rhythm

If you want to dribble ball through crotch, fast or slow alone will not produce good results. Usually, when approaching a defender, take your time, relax, and make last pass quickly and confidently.

Third, steps

After completing a crotch dribble, in order to prevent defender from taking ball, a step forward must be taken to protect ball with opposite foot of ball holder. You can also use ball protector to stop ball. defender without a foul.

Fourthly, center of gravity

If you want to drive fast, then on one hand you need to be fast, and you need to lead vigorously, on other hand, you must have a low center of gravity, which is more suitable for power mechanism of body. . And although center of gravity is low, dribbling height is naturally low. If defender wants to take ball, he will inevitably lose position and reveal his shortcomings.

If you're interested in basketball but don't know how to train, follow me as I'll keep updating basics of basketball training.

May 14, 2023