Basketball Basic Training Activities - Bow Buddha

In fact, there was no original worship of Buddha. It was with advent of short videos that saying about worshiping Buddha gradually became popular. Worshiping Buddha is not really worshiping Buddha, but his hand movements are very similar to how we put our hands together and worship Buddha when we pay respect to our ancestors. Bow Buddha is just a fake shot, but its threat is significant. Because after worshiping Buddha, after reading defense, you can not only choose to break through, but also choose to open space and shoot. I especially like Iverson of 76ers in past, his fake moves are very realistic and his extraordinary skills are also top notch. Next, I will introduce a few customs of worshiping Buddha.

One entering and leaving+ worshiping Buddha

This Buddha Prayer trick puts more demands on ball, and entry and exit are not same as usual. Make small jumps back to open up space and mislead defender into thinking you are about to shoot. As long as defender makes a small move, he will break through.

2. Vigorously lead drip + worship Buddha

This trick is usually used when dribbling ball on move: after defender breaks, someone will follow him and hit ball hard. Then you can stop along way.

If you're interested in basketball but don't know how to train, follow me as I'll keep updating basics of basketball training.

May 14, 2023