Basketball Basics Combination Dribbling Chapter - Crotch Plus Front Body

Most of time it's not possible to get past people just by changing direction, because a defender can easily predict your direction and block your attacking line with a single move. So before changing direction of body, you can make some preparations and use it with crotch dribbling. Confuse opponents by driving ball under crotch, and achieve extraordinary results by changing directions in front of body. The crotch lead, combined with shuffling step, can be very helpful in bringing an opponent towards lead and then suddenly accelerating body to change direction and get past opponent. Sometimes a defender may not be able to follow closely, it doesn't matter, and then switch hands to group. If you still can't get through it, take another series of follow-up shots.

A change of rhythm is evident in front of perineum and body. When a defender is pushed with crotch two or two times in a row, speed is reduced, feeling of sloppiness, and possession of ball is relatively high. . But after end of shuffling step, change of direction in front of body should be explosive. To gain higher speed, toes are usually raised on tiptoe and heels off ground, so that speed of legs is much higher.

There are a few key points before adding body to crotch. One of them is to change center of gravity, other is to mobilize defender, and third is to explode

May 14, 2023