Combination of Basic Basketball Training Actions - Back and Front

The back dribble is used when a defender is in close contact with a defender. You can use your whole body to block defender and prevent defender from getting ball. The previous article introduced behind-the-back dribbling, which can be used to open up space or attack. Backward dribble is used here to attack. When rear dribble is not enough to open enough room for people to pass, you can make another change in front of body. After that, you can add a Buddha worship section to push opponent away. Now I will introduce you to several techniques for adding back and front.

First, add a double direction at back

The first dribble from behind encourages defender to move in an attacking direction and then change hands and dribble in front of him three times or in and out plus a change of direction. When using this trick, you must first confirm that defender has a dribble rhythm behind you, and then add a shoulder-shaking motion when changing direction. The last dribbling in front of your body must be fast.

Second, back + entry and exit + step back + worship Buddha

After dribbling ball behind your back, enter and exit. As you enter and exit, take a step back and bow to Buddha. The last cross step goes past defender. After passing defender to prevent enemy from following . Can hold defender with one hand and prevent him from jumping.

Today I will tell you about these two tricks. If you're interested in basketball but don't know where to start, follow me as I continue to teach you basics of basketball.

May 14, 2023