Zero-Basic Basketball Training Sharing 12 (Basketball Tactics Talk)

Basketball tactics is an organizational form and method of rational use of individual abilities of players, coordination and cooperation of team members in a basketball game.

The role of basketball tactics is to comprehensively use physical, technical, psychological and other training effects obtained by players in accordance with specific conditions of two sides of game, so that all players form a single battle group and ensure full use of technical experience of each player. Therefore, in organizing, applying tactics and tactical training, we must proceed from reality and, in accordance with our conditions, must establish a tactical system of attack and defense that corresponds to characteristics of our team.

With development of basketball in world, tactical positions of players on court are becoming more complex and flexible, however, in general basketball games, players are usually divided into centers, forwards and defenders. Players in different positions take on different responsibilities as well as offensive and defensive tasks in game. The reasonable organization of tactical coordination according to position and duties can fully develop technical capabilities of each player and effectively combine collective forces to carry out attacking and defensive tasks, which is of great importance for winning game.

One of characteristics of modern basketball is that division of labor in main tactical position is relatively stable, and also pays attention to mobility, flexibility and efficiency of tactics. Therefore, division of labor in tactics and duties of attackers and defenders are generally blurred, and this became direction of development. (Refer to Magic Ball Theory and Five Little NBA Tactics of Recent Years)

Forwards are primarily at forefront of attack and defense, have a wide range of activities and perform main defensive task in team. Modern basketball is developing in direction of high speed and height, it requires attackers to be tall, have good physical fitness, versatile technique, ability to attack and defend well, and have characteristics.

Position players are primarily located on inside line and their active zone is within 5 meters of basket. They compete in offense and defense in several rows and are center of contact with outside, taking on more responsibility of offense and defense on internal line. Thus, center must be tall, strong, strong in personal offensive ability, have good tactical understanding, be able to play a key role in team's tactical organization, enhance team's overall strength, and have awareness and ability. to grab rebounds. In recent years, requirements for centers have changed so that they have certain organizational skills and be able to shoot at long ranges.dancing. (See Jokic from Nuggets)

Defenders are organizers and commanders of game on spot, as well as main players in game, taking on task of organizing attack and defense of entire team. Defenders must have all-round skills, a strong ability to control and dominate ball, good tactical awareness and a calm, calm, witty mind, as well as keen observation, analysis, judgment, and ability to organize and direct team's offense and defense.

The tactical system of basketball is a unified whole, consisting of interconnected and limiting offensive and defensive tactics. According to confrontational characteristic of basketball, basketball tactics are generally divided into three systems: attack, defense, and attack-to-defense conversion, and then according to area and number of people involved in tactical action, it can be divided into three levels: individual action, joint action, and general action. Thus, tactics and constructions form a complete systemic network. Classify complex and diverse tactics by nature, region, number of characteristics and similar functions, clarify their respective affiliation and network them to have an intuitive understanding of structure of basketball tactical system.

The main task of teaching and learning basketball tactics is to develop professional qualities and awareness of students or athletes, to acquire knowledge of basketball tactics, to master the methods of basketball tactics and to be able to practice basketball tactics.

May 14, 2023