Zero-Basic Basketball Training Sharing Six

Zero-Basic Basketball Training Sharing Six

Today I'm sharing with you a method for learning shooting skills. You will find that some study materials are not suitable for studying alone. Basketball is also a team sport. It is recommended to find a small partner to practice together.

Exercise 1. Shooting practice on spot

Players line up at free throw line with one ball each, throwing and grabbing themselves and repeating in turn.

Requirements: To hold ball correctly in a basic standing position, understand technical details such as kicking ground, arm extension, wrist and finger flexion, pay special attention to technique and shape of hand with ball, and observe if hand shape is correct after the ball is released.

Zero-Basic Basketball Training Sharing Six

Shot from free throw line

Exercise 2. Shooting on move

Shots in middle of dribble and jump shots with a sudden stop

Requirements: Dribble and run at an appropriate speed, master distance to step and receive ball, feel movement of flight and pay attention to balance of body in air. After moving to practice of jumping and throwing with an abrupt stop, it is necessary to focus on controlling center of gravity of body when dribbling ball and abruptly stopping. Correctly lower center of gravity and catch moment of shot. After shot, quickly pick up ball and return to end of row.

Zero-Basic Basketball Training Sharing Six

Firing practice on move

Exercise 3. Practice passing hooks.

Players are divided into two groups: ① pass ball to ② and break away, then suddenly change direction and run to crash, receive a return pass from ② to make a running or jump shot with an emergency stop, ② pass ball and return ball, after each hit two groups of players change positions once.

Requirements: Pass ball accurately and on spot, quickly and suddenly move away from it and run in an arc when cutting to meet incoming ball. After catching ball, throw must be serious and aim to hit ball. When performing a jump shot with an emergency stop, pay attention to lowering of center of gravity at moment of catching ball, sudden, fast and powerful hit from ground, keep balance of body in air and use correct technique with ball.

Zero-Basic Basketball Training Sharing Six

Shooting on go

Zero-Basic Basketball Training Sharing Six

Velcro jumper

Exercise 4. Catch ball, stop and throw.

① Move to side and then make a free motion, catch ball from ② and make an emergency stop to shoot while moving, and repeat from bounce to end.

Requirements: Run sideways while taking off, watch for an approaching ball while running, be ready to catch ball, lower your center of gravity when catching ball, make a firm and powerful jumping motion when stopping abruptly, test method of applying force in air. The partner's pass must be timely and accurate to facilitate receiver's movements.

Zero-Basic Basketball Training Sharing Six

Catch ball and pull up jumper

Drill 5. Receiving a pass and practicing shot

Pass ball to supporter, run across to other side, and then make a free move, answer support pass and throw ball, hit ball to back of team and practice repeatedly.

Requirements: When passing ball to a supporter, push off and change direction to get rid of it, and flank movement to receive pass. Lower center of gravity when catching ball, take off quickly and suddenly, understand balance in air and timing of ball, quickly catch rebound after hitting.

Zero-Basic Basketball Training Sharing Six

Get a pass and shoot

Drill 6. Complex practice of dribbling, passing, catching and shooting

Initially, students from both sides dribble at same time and pass ball to receiver, then catch and throw, from catching rebound to tail of other team, and constantly practice.

Requirements: When dribbling, lower your center of gravity and look up. The passing of ball must be accurate and in place, and movements of catching the ball and throwing must be well connected.

Zero-Basic Basketball Training Sharing Six

Dribble, catch and throw

Drill 7. Head-to-Head Offensive Half Court (Get Rid of Shooting Drills)

One person is attacking and other is defending. Use various fake moves to get rid of protection and then shoot. The defender defends as needed and then switches offense and defense.

Requirements: In accordance with requirements, this means that different protective requirements are put forward at different stages of training. The attacker must actively lead learned attacking skills.

Next time, I'll talk about getting ball skills. If you like it, please note and help, thanks.

May 14, 2023