How to Learn Basketball for Zero Base Basketball Lovers

I've never really thought about what to write and I'm also new when it comes to self media. In end, I decided to do basketball content first, but for people my age who have suffered serious knee injuries and have a 5-year idle period in middle, making a video to show technique is definitely not realistic. , I decided to pass on some texts The theory and method of images are used to give some suggestions to some friends who do not have basics of basketball Today's article is just an introductory question, and I will update it from time to time according to teachings of content.

The first thing to understand is basic movements of basketball technique, which we call basic skills. Everyone knows that basketball is based on movements of arms and legs. Therefore, footwork and way ball is controlled are basis of this game. All techniques and skills in basketball must be based on good hand and foot technique. Mastering basics of good basketball technique is a prerequisite and a necessary ability to practice basketball. Basic basketball skills mainly consist of various special stepping techniques and ball control techniques. The core is a system of techniques consisting of special physical training and specialized perception required by a special event, in which steps are manifested as special techniques of leg strength and body position perception abilities, and ball control techniques are manifested as tactile nerves of fingers and wrists. Peripheral perception of ball and ability of arm muscles to control ball. Building these abilities takes a lot of practice. In teaching and training basketball skills, learning technical fundamentals is a prerequisite for learning other skills. Only by mastering right technical base and building solid basic basketball skills can one truly improve one's technical level.

May 14, 2023