Can't you always practice jump shots? Today I will send you prenatal training about jump shots.

The existing short video platform allows anyone to teach basketball.

But a real basketball coach should not only be able to analyze which star jump shot is more reasonable.

It is also necessary to really teach students how to practice jump shooting.

Here is an advanced KBT basketball workout. Today I will give my brothers prenatal method of teaching jump shots, including teaching and learning. Suggest Favorite

First step: coordination training

A jump shot is a two-way force: first push off, then shoot.

The reason most people can't shoot well while jumping is because they can't catch difference in time between takeoff and shooting.

Let's find a pillow about 15 cm and put it in front of us.

Then, stand on mat with ball in both hands and get ready to jump and throw.

Because pillows increase our ground clearance, you will be in air longer when jumping than if you were jumping directly from ground.

This will help you find feeling of completing frame in air.

When you have a certain hit rate at close range, you can place checkmate further. Further strengthening coordination between takeoff and shooting.

Please note: after takeoff, take a short break before shooting.

Intentionally tracking time in air will only make your shooting more difficult, and whole action will turn into a fall jump shot.

Second Step: Force Perception Training

Place pillow you just used in front of you. Then take off with ball in both hands

. While bouncing in air, lift ball with a kicking motion.

When our feet land on pad, we use our upper body to apply force to complete kick.

This set of exercises will simultaneously strengthen your ability to take off and strengthen your punches.

The difference in height between jump pad and ground allows you to focus more on takeoff.

Shooting without use of lower limb power while jumping on a box can also better mimic way jumper is released in real combat.

Please note that when you jump into air, your legs should be fully extended. Then get down on mat to shoot ball.

Never bend your knees to jump onto mat after jumping. The effect of such training will be greatly reduced.

When you master this set of exercises. You can switch to a higher mat and force yourself to jump higher during your workout.

Step Three: Learning Consolidation

This is different from second set of training, first jumping on mat and then shooting.

This time we take off straight ahead and end frame mid-air. Finally fell to mat.

This set of exercises is infinitely close to a real jump shot.There are requirements for take-off altitude, time in air and firing power.

Brothers can be trained from near to far.

Brothers who like to challenge challenge can also increase height of rug. Force yourself to jump higher.

Finally, when you've completed all three sets, remove rug.

You can take a scenic shot while jumping!

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    May 14, 2023