Coach K takes you back to James' championship career

Coach K takes you back to James' championship career

October 12 Beijing time, James led Lakers to a championship, won his fourth career championship, and won his fourth career FMVP

Time flies, folks, do you still remember scene when James Durant first went all out for O'Brien Cup?

Flash back to 2012 final, when Thunder played against Heat. At that time, James was still at height of his popularity, and three young men of Thunder were three bright stars rising in West.

The Flames of War raged, Thunder took lead against Zhar, and Zhar was brought to fore again.

Coach K takes you back to James' championship career

In second game, Heat came back with a 4-point lead, and in final it was tied 1-1, allowing world to see another Heat.

After second fierce battle, Heat seemed like a lion just awakened, unstoppable, domineering, and passed 3 cities.

Coach K takes you back to James' championship career

The Heat did not leave young Thunderer a chance and resolved fight with a score of 4: 1. James became MVP and won his first championship in his career.

For James and Durant, they gave everything for this championship, but James has been through a lot and has been waiting for this championship for a very, very long time. Luckily, opportunity presented itself, and he didn't pass it up so easily. Walk.

At that time, James was averaging 28.6+10.4+7.4 per game, which can be said to have dominated both offense and defense. Although Durant averaged 30.6 points per game, James was even better.

Fast forward to 2013, James' second championship

In 2013, Heat relied on Ray Allen's 3-pointer to go into overtime in last minute of regulation in G6 Finals to finally outplay Spurs to win championship

The Heat had three giants in 2012-2013 season: James, Wade and Bosh. In regular season, they set a league-leading record of 66 games and 16 losses.

Coach K takes you back to James' championship career

Key G6, although "Hit" is at home, they were completely suppressed

At end of three quarters, Spurs are still 10 points behind Spurs, and situation is under threat

At this time, James stood up and again and again tried his best to get into Tottenham penalty area

With 16 points on 7 of 11 shots, Heat helped Heat close lead completely.

You could say that if James hadn't scored 16 points, 2 rebounds and 2 assists in one quarter in fourth quarter as a foreshadowing, Heat wouldn't have had an opportunity for Ray Allen to score that perfectly even three-pointer. .

Coach K takes you back to James' championship career

The tie-break was held in San Antonio, and away tie-break proved to be a challenge. Only 5 players from Hit team scored in entire game.

Bosh, one of Big Three, played 28 minutes and had 0 points, 7 rebounds and 2 assists on 5 shots. Another starter, Miller, also hit 0-for-5 shots and scored no points.

In this game, James played very well in attack. He had 37 points, 12 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 steals in 45 minutes. His real shooting percentage reached 69.8%.

It's true that Ray Allen's three-pointer is historic, but James is also a truly key player in this round of series.

Coach K takes you back to James' championship career

Winning 2016 championship is most exciting year for me

There was a lot going on in NBA in 2016. Kobe, strongest player of 21st century, has retired, Duncan, number one strongest forward in NBA history, has retired, and Garnett, wolf king with endless blood on trial, is retired.

They are all superstars in NBA history, and these three celebrities were also inducted into Hall of Fame this year.

16 years have been some of craziest in NBA history. The Warriors have won 24 straight games in regular season. A regular season record of 73 wins and 9 losses broke Bulls' record and became first in NBA history.

Everyone believed Warriors would win championship this year, but James led Cavaliers to a shocking turn with his superpowers and strong will to win championship.

Coach K takes you back to James' championship career

16 years was pick of Warriors. Although Durant wasn't around at time, Warriors' collaboration was perfect, no worse than Warriors had at 17 and 18.

In 2003, Cavaliers selected James as No. 1 entry into league. James is Cleveland's chosen son.

In 2010, James decided to leave Cleveland for Miami Heat. The stars of "Kecheng" were crazy and very angry. They burned James' T-shirts, ripped off his posters, and even put up an advertisement for James. His sneakers were also thrown away. .

After Heat won two championships in four years, James returned to Cavaliers and promised to give Cleveland a championship.

James finally did it in 2016 under enormous pressure.

Coach K takes you back to James' championship career

A total of 7 games were played in 2016 final. Such an ultra-high and powerful game will be a serious test for players.

The situation at that time was as follows: after end of fourth game of finals, Cavaliers lagged behind Warriors with a large score of 1:3.

By all accounts, that title already belongs to Warriors because no team in NBA history can win a championship by losing 3-1 in Finals.

That year, James averaged 42 minutes per game, averaging 29.7 points, 11.3 rebounds, 8.9 assists, 2.6 steals and 2.3 blocks per game. These five indicators were highest in game

With this data, James defeated Warriors and won third championship of his career. After victory, James knelt down and wept bitterly.

Coach K takes you back to James' championship career

Until 2020, 4 years later, James won his fourth championship.

As I said yesterday, legend that belongs to James is far from over.

Coach K takes you back to James' championship career

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