Teach you how to break through fast and score easily

Today I'll give you an example of why suspension dribbling is so important?

Many people have encountered this situation: in a real battle, a change in direction clearly led enemy to side, but when breakthrough accelerated, they were again blocked by enemy. The most direct reason for this embarrassment is that you played ball first after change of direction, which made it easier for defender to make substitution.

Currently, smarter way is to use dribble suspension to keep ball in hand for a short time after changing direction and breaking through. In neutral, speed up your steps. , attack inside line and, dropping defender, drop ball to complete last hit.

This breakout technique is called "tackling", and most important prerequisite for catching a breakout is that your dribbler must be able to levitate ball.

You can find a chair, place it in front of you and practice changing direction and levitation. After each change of direction, dribbler hangs ball, and at same time, player not in possession of ball touches chair twice in a row, and so on.

Brothers with poor hanging dribbling should pay attention to fact that after each change of direction, arm of other hand should be extended as much as possible, and muscles of arm should be completely relaxed so that basketball can remain completely in hand.

Brothers, when practicing this group of movements, do not just do practice of changing direction of body in front of you, suspension of lead under crotch and lead behind back are also very important. .

In a real fight, if opponent predicts our change of direction in front of our body and blocks attack path in advance, we can also use crotch or rear dribble to sneak back to create space and complete attack. change Second breakthrough.

If a court you often go to doesn't have practice chairs, brothers can also find a practice basket and after every change of direction use a non-ball player to constantly touch the basket, and so on.

May 15, 2023