I will teach you how to play alone with ball around field

If your dribbling ability is not great, but you want to try solo ball games, then three-threat check phase is your best bet.

But do you know how to choose most reasonable scoring method depending on opponent's position when making three threats?

One step aside for testing

There is a slight movement of back leg of defender. But center of gravity was not fully mobilized, at which time he resolutely began and completed downtime.

So when a defender steps with one foot, he must adjust his steps to block you. At this time, it's time for us to use speed to open distance.

Second, step by step to check

If defender moves a lot to sides and back, and center of gravity follows him, then we can retreat and shoot straight.

If your defender decides to push off and block as you pull back, then at that time we can fake out and complete break. Note that one foot pushes ground diagonally backwards before break begins, which can greatly increase your initial speed.

Third, step by step to test

Note that defender moves his front foot to side as he moves his back foot. At this time, don't hesitate, just take your feet off and switch to a cross step, and then kill other way.

Please note that supporting leg must remain stationary when switching steps, otherwise it will be easily sentenced to walking.

Finally, brethren, as you take your trial steps, make sure that your steps are not too short. Otherwise, enemy will not be mobilized by your steps in any way, and a timid step will lose its meaning.

May 15, 2023