Teach you how to read offense and play defense

On court, if your attacking abilities are not very strong, provided you defend well, you can also become a nightmare for your opponent.

Today KBT will share with you a very useful defense system - Lock strong and free weak. Learn it and you will be able to guard at least half of people on the field.

Most people are used to attacking with a strong sidehand during the game. Over time, a strong sidehand can guarantee both a dribbling and a finishing shot, but there is a huge difference between a weak sidehand and a strong sidehand for many people. Don't.

How to set up such a defensive position?

First of all, when attacker receives ball, we must move quickly back and forth to capture strong side's breakthrough path, creating a situation where weak side is empty and can accelerate breakthrough so that attacker will follow our rhythm. Jump to weak side.

Secondly, our hands cannot be idle, inside hand is used to interfere with opponent's ball and put enough pressure on strong side, outside hand is more used to block weak side's break and attacker's shot. Increase difficulty of finishing attack.

The last and most important point is to protect our front leg, which is always next to attacker's outside leg.

No matter how hard attacker tries, he must slide to keep his front foot in an acceptable position. The reason many guards are easily broken by opponents is because they didn't protect their front legs very well. Once opponent seizes opportunity, they can remove them.

The next thing we need to do is follow sliding steps. Here we want to emphasize that one should use sliding steps in order to follow as many steps as possible. Because although cross step can follow opponent better, it is easy to cause confusion when opponent retreats to an emergency stop, so following sliding step is safer way.

When sliding, toes touch ground and heels rise slightly. Make short, quick movements and remember not to spread your legs too wide while riding, as this will slow you down significantly.

Next, while sliding to follow, we also need to analyze attacker's finishing ability. If attacker has a good ability to turn around or pull back before emergency stop, we should not be too aggressive, otherwise it will be easy to be pushed back by enemy.

At this time, you should keep a certain distance from attacker, and opponent should not rush to use close defense without catching ball, so that it is difficult for opponent to turn around or make an emergency stop to retreat to create space for attack.

The goal of defending is to try and let opponent finish with an offensive method they are not good at, so we'd rather let opponent use their weaker side for harder punches rather than rushing to grab or block. shot, giving opponent an easy opportunity to score.

Of course, if attacker does not have opportunity to attack with weak side, then we can interfere with attack after he drops ball. At this time, attacker will definitely say something sincere

At end of day, defense relies on experience and judgment. If attacker doesn't have a clear difference in strength and weakness, then effect of that defense won't be particularly obvious either.

Brothers, do you have any other tricks to break this defense? See you in comments section!

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May 15, 2023