Several types of training that can not be ignored when playing in winter

Winter is coming and a cold and stiff body will greatly affect your game on court.

So, today KBT is going to share with you a few sets of simple and not exaggerated warm-up exercises so you can quickly activate your body functions and perform brilliantly.

1. Ankle activation

80% of injuries on court are related to ankle, and most ankle injuries are caused by insufficient warm-up, so activation of ankle is very important.

Brothers can start on tiptoe like this, dribble and do a half court switch, then tiptoe up, land on their heels and do another set. This completes anteroposterior activation of the ankle joint.

Then we turn ankle inward and land on outside of the foot. Dribble slowly and then complete a half court return set.

2. Leg warm-up

Running and jumping in basketball engages a lot of lower body muscles, and lower body activation is also a very important part of warm-up.

Knee raises activate muscles of back of thighs and buttocks. Please note that when lifting knees, we should do tiptoe movement with center of gravity, so that stretch range is larger and activation effect is better. Do this 8-10 times alternately from left to right.

Pull calf with both hands and lift it back. This group of movements mainly activates muscles of front side of thigh. Also pay attention to socks during exercise, increase stretch range, alternate left and right, do 8-10 times.

Finally, with both hands, bend legs inward. This group of movements primarily activates muscles on outside of thighs. Also remember to do 8-10 times alternately from left to right to activate legs are ready.

3. Warm-up of knee joint

The best exercise for warming up knee joint is to squat against wall. Before a game, brothers can find a basket or wall and sit quietly for more than 30 seconds to fully activate muscles around knee joint.

Also, if you want to increase knee stability even further, you can pinch a basketball between your legs during a static squat, forcing your knees to increase internal force and improve joint stability.

Finally, for those who are more attacking with ball during play, you can do several sets of dribbling drills while crouching quietly to improve finger flexibility and feel for ball.

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May 15, 2023