Learn offensive skills one on one

Learn offensive skills one on one

Excellent singles ability

This is what every boy basketball player wants to have

But many of brothers have good dribbling skills

But always ineffective in single player games

So next video

KBT will share tips from time to time

Today I want to focus on importance of an emergency stop and return in single skating

Learn offensive skills one on one

Rhythm Master Devin Williams

The emergency stop return is considered one of easiest motions to shake

Really step back than usual when passing ball

More chance of knocking down an opponent

KBT rollback training has been done before

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"A simple move turns you into an ankle terminator"

Learn offensive skills one on one

First of all, when we stand out with our opponent

Most of attacking positions are at three-point line

Most people's choice is in this position

Take some preliminary steps instead of direct dribbling

In this position, whether you're walking left or right

There is still a certain distance left to basket

This prevents us from speeding up breakout after testing

Learn offensive skills one on one

So, if you don't dribble faster than normal people

Your defender should have a chance

Block your route to hoop

And fired a hasty shot when he was blocked

Definitely not best opportunity to attack

Learn offensive skills one on one

Therefore, when breaking through in singles

Proper crash and rollback is very necessary

This can bring us many benefits

Stop near the hoop

Higher probability of attack

It is very useful for us to make subsequent changes in direction and decoys

Learn offensive skills one on one

There are many ways to stop and retreat

Today KBT will explain most practical and safest way

Stop and retreat

Learn offensive skills one on one

Training cones arranged in a Z-shape

Dribbling to practice changing direction behind march

Pay attention to order of steps when dribbling ball behind your back

Cross step with inside leg to side until reaching obstacle

The outside foot then follows forward fully open

Learn offensive skills one on one

You don't need to be able to overcome failure, you need more practice

Young players at CBT training camp are also under guidance of a coach

It's very smooth

Brothers should also be able to succeed

Learn offensive skills one on one

Step change after crash

There are two cones in front of you

Stop and change stairs when you reach one of them

Step back and dribble other way

Learn offensive skills one on one

Four Key Points to Consider

1. When back is laid back, feet are opened to ensure stability of body

2. Dribble and move back in direction of ball

3. Look straight ahead to watch a defensive move

4. After retreat is complete, change step first and then kill to the other side

Learn offensive skills one on one

After these four items are ignored

The crash and rollback effect will be significantlythrown

After this downtime was stopped by an emergency stop

Pay attention to action of ball protector before emergency stop

And protective ball raised by ball protector when pulling back bed after changing steps

Learn offensive skills one on one

Every good move

This is a bunch of details

It's been a while since I updated haberdashery teaching for everyone

I hope this time you can learn something new from two pulling techniques

May 15, 2023