Devin Williams Zigzag Ball Drill Benefits for Defenders

Ball control techniques

Famous basketball coach Devin Williams

Known for his instructional videos uploaded to Ins

Initially only trained a couple of Chinese brothers

And made a documentary "10,000 hours"

Instantly became popular all over world

Delicate technique and excellent rhythm

With his own video editing style and ball handling skills

The world is seeing a wave of ball control training

What workouts fascinate tens of thousands of people

Learn original German ball control training Zigzag

You only need three things to get started

Basketball, mobile phone for timing

And an outdoor training area

Zigzag translates into English as zigzag

As name suggests, the dribbling here is similar


Zigzag basics

This is first form of zigzag learning

One-handed dribble left and right

Because its trajectory resembles a pendulum

Speed ​​and height of ball control during this dribble

It is better to change it from time to time

From below knee to above knee

Or fast to slow and slow to fast

Swap left and right hands and record time for a minute and a half



Add pendulum reversal

Connecting pendulum dribbling with one hand and changing direction

Pass ball to other side and do same

Keep a consistent rhythm

Nice to practice


Zigzag+cross down

One-hand pendulum lead connects to drop lead

Hit ball vigorously, as if trying to break through floor

Over time, your ability to control ball will improve

Knows how to stick ball to his hands

Don't forget to change rhythm, pitch and speed


For Zigzag+

The previous article only talked about basics of dribbling behind back

Lower your center of gravity and sit on your buttocks

After pendulum, switch sides with one hand behind your back and continue

If your back hurts during a workout

This means you're leaning too far forward and not lowering your center of gravity.

In this way, all pressure is on back, causing pain

Simultaneously lower your center of gravity and exercise your leg muscles


Zigzag+step down with one hand

Pendulum swings inward with one hand and adds crotch

Dribbling behind fairway

Let ball move to other side at same time

You can practice more on weak side


Pull ball back with one hand

Basic movements remain unchanged

Then pull ball back with one hand

Try it with one hand

Don't interfere with other hand

After enough time on one side, switch to other side and continue


Zigzag+double back

The pendulum dribbles ball behind his back with one hand

Perform two dribbles in a row

It is necessary that everyone's legs stand at a greater distance

This will ensure a lower center of gravity when we squat


Zigzag with one branch

Devin said in video

This dribbling inspired him when he watched AND1 team

Continuous zigzag under one arm and one foot

Pay attention to details: German did not cross-down dribbling

Pass ball under thigh

Instead, a pendulum dribbling is done under foot

This exercise is aimed at improving ball control


Zigzag+cross down

Drawing pendulum forward with one hand

Change direction before tying crossbody

Simply put, this is a change of direction by Tim Hardaway

Keep your shoulders dropped forward when changing crotch

Let defender think that you are going to break through from there

(Dewan steps down with his left foot and lowers his left shoulder)


Creating Dribbling

When you have completed all of above on time and in sufficient quantity

After 9 zigzag dribbles

Your ball control has been taken to next level

Your creativity is required here

Sounds like freestyle rap

Improvised dribbling within a given time

Of course, dribbling should come from training a little higher

It not only strengthens your workouts

He can also tell you how many zigzag dribbles you've memorized

In normal training

I also added coach Wang's KBT ball control workout

Three types of very practical ball control training

Easy to learn, heart and lung explosion


Continuous line break

Vertical low dribbling continuously down

Low dribble should control height of ball bouncing below the knee

Push your center of gravity lower and lower with your legs fully apart


Go behind and change direction

Two alternate dribbles behind back and change hands to other side

Notice shift in center of gravity from low to high when dribbling ball behind back

Both legs open at same time to increase width of body


Left and right inside and outside

Alternate dribbling in and out with left and right hand

It is also necessary to control ball below knee joint

In&Out when dribbling in street


To provide rhythm and range of motion

Do not deform the body without losing balance

The dry goods in this edition are mainly for ball control training

We are training our ability to control ball

Systematic training and strict requirements for yourself

May free you completely from trainer

So when you pick up a basketball to practice after reading this article

Be hard on yourself

Take enough time to remember how many times you lost ball

And make it goal of your next improvement

It's weird if you don't train like this

#Control ball practice#

Here KBT starts training task

All golfers can record their ball practice on their mobile phone

Submit your training plan and training experience to background together

Wang Church will adjust and formulate a training plan for you the first time

May 15, 2023