Pitcher Welfare丨 Training here will make your shooting as stable as a dog!

The recently concluded Western Conference Semi-Finals

Rockets lead Jazz 3-1

Chris Paul hit magic data 41+10+8

Promote a team to Western Conference Finals

In this game, first point guard made 0 passes

Shoot first, miss second

Save team with your steady mid-range shot

Shooting is very important

This is not first time we shoot haberdashery

But there are always friends in background consulting with higher up

Today, these haberdashery will help you practice shooting like a dog in stable


Successive shot on ring

This training is a relatively simple introductory exercise

Teammate cooperates to hit basket consistently

Try to speed up and provide continuous input

Remember not to ignore an action when you score

Shooting at close range is all about strengthening your shooting posture

Build stable muscle memory


Light step off ground for a throw

At first glance, this workout looks like James is shooting free throws

The Cavaliers are said to have signed Calderon for a different purpose

To help James shoot free throws in private

(Calderón was once most accurate free-kick in league)

Lunge backward pushes ground away and then returns strike

This shot is a little further than previous exercise

It is advisable to practice stability of free throws on free throw line


Kicking ball from a spot

Dribble vigorously while holding ball in place

Quick throw after receiving ball

This tutorial will help you throw ball in real combat

Drive as hard as you can

Forcing defenders to retreat to make room


Double Straddle Down

Jump in place twice in a row

Then quickly collect ball and shoot

Hold ball in a half squat

It's like crouching to dash while catching and shooting

Thus reducing time to prepare for shot after receiving ball

Take quick shots


One-leg jump shot

Nash's overall throw when he coached Durant with Warriors

Jumping left and right with one foot near free throw line

Prepare ball before jumping

Stay steady as you jump so you can stand on one foot

Goal is to improve shooting stability


Back ball and shoot

Looks like bomb shot above

Step back to other side after a hard dribble

Open space, take a clear shot and complete shot

Ensure orderly completion of bombardment, retreat and firing

Don't rush and don't deform mechanism


Step behind your back to shoot

Dribble in front of you twice to confuse your opponent

And from behind dribbles ball to other side

Then catch ball and step aside to hit


The crotch, back and back should not be too closely tied

A little rhythm can also lead to different shake effects


Cross step + back step

Attacking pose suddenly starts breaking through with a cross dribble

When defender moves

Retreat quickly and fire in opposite direction

Note that breakthrough here is to disable defender

So there should be a surge and speed

This is best way to achieve best results


Real combat simulation of indented shooting

Increase personal protection

Simulate real dribbling to shift a defender's center of gravity

Choose correct defensive throw finish



The same face of close defense

When a defender is hard to get rid of

Small hand movements can be added

As shown in animation

When defender moves forward

Sudden emergency stop when hands are free from protection

But don't move too much lest you be called a foul

Look at KBT shooting version


Shoot while standing on one leg

Basic Practice for Steady Shooting

Slowly master this feeling of training while standing on one leg

Stabilize your ankle to stabilize your bottom-up strike


Standing on one leg and keeping ball on ground

Building on previous main action to increase difficulty a bit

Stand on one foot, touch ball with both hands to bottom, and then shoot

This exercise strengthens the ankle well

An excellent helper in body balance


180 RPM Shot

Back to basket 180° jump

Quickly turn around to face basket after landing

Swift and confident shot

Notice cohesion of whole movement after turn

Don't be too slow, reinforcing feeling of compactness

May be ready to shoot before turning body


Close-up shots of step left and right

Based on actual learning of left and right horizontal step

It can not only increase strength of muscles of inner thigh

At the same time, you can also train after jumps and retreats

Consistency in shooting

Self-confidence is fuel for your hard work and progress Come on brother, I hope KBT helps you on your basketball journey

May 15, 2023