The future star of Chinese basketball is here!

7.12-7.19 - third session of summer closed camps of CBT

At 8:30 am, CBT cadets closed training camp

Already on way to arena

Another group of energetic teenager basketball players

Work hard on their dreams and goals

Teenagers from all over country

Despite fact that height is uneven, they are all full of strength

They include senior high school, junior high school, and elementary school

There are those who study at university or study abroad

There are even adults who have returned from military service

From first day of physical recovery and getting to know everyone

Workout gets better next day

In just one day, they made a lot of progress

KBT produces absolutely high-quality goods, real haberdashery

The coach of first day coached basic dribbling

Introducing ball and understanding the different strokes

After that, I used a rope ladder to practice my fighting steps

Day 2 - special shoot

Fixing shape of students' shooting hand

And advanced shooting exercises

Playing football is a bad idea

The simplest shooting is strictly controlled and repeatedly practiced

Just do your best

There is no age difference in learning

Only what you want and don't want

Students who participated in this training camp

The oldest of them is a 28-year-old older brother

The youngest is 8 years old

Compared to big brothers in training camp

The figure of this child is especially striking

His name is Sun Weisz and his nickname is Andy

From Changsha, Hunan, only 8 years and 8 months to be exact

Currently in third grade of elementary school

Little Andy touched basketball at age of 5 and a half

He started playing basketball at age of 6.

Been playing for 2.5 years

Don't look at him as young and short

All students in this boot camp admire him most

The youngest, but most cheerful and energetic

He took initiative to high-five his older brothers and trade a basketball

Chasing them every day and asking 100,000 people why

When I see a tall brother, I will definitely let him dunk

As soon as training starts, Andy immediately enters state

Active running and serious dribbling

Such concentration is really not inferior to professional players

Little Andy's understanding of basketball is beyond his age

Learn moves very quickly, coach will teach them again

He can do it himself

Andy told me my favorite star is Curry

I like his accurate shooting

Like a devoted little fan, Andy

Also has an extremely accurate shot

Smooth Dribbling

Shame on editor

Successive step down and back while marching

Go straight to end...dunk! ! !


Smooth turn around basket

Ask someone else

A small border is enough

Same frame

Look at this three-pointer with a step back

Does it really look like curry?

Step down, change direction in front of body, emergency jump shot

Three-dot hollow entry

This ball made all students on the sidelines scream

In my spare time I also play alone with friends

Bukkake with three points to resolve battle

To be fair

This goal and Curry's super-long 3-point legend

Love it

Learn new moves and understand them instantly

Low Break Break

After Andy got hooked on basketball

My father and mother are very supportive of him

Every time Andy practices on field

Mom and dad should watch from side

And use your cell phone to record every move coach teaches

Talk to your child right after break

For Andy to train better in basketball

They even moved into a community with a stadium

Transferred to a school closer to training camp

Dad will take Andy to watch NBA games

Give him an analysis of tactics of game and style of play of each team

Over time, little Andy can draw tactics himself

Each time you finish game, you should take stock

The home theme is also about 100,000 whys in basketball

I came to KBT for training these few days

Andy never misses an opportunity to work out

Others rest and drink water, he just takes a sip

I ran to court to shoot again

If you don't eat actively, you're a bad friend

But little Andy has to draw to end every day

Because he wants to take more pictures

On second day of training, Little Andy can have a lot of training

Knee hurts a little and walking is slow

My mother leaned over and carried him on her back

Little Andy's performance is absolutely worthy of his parents' dedication

At a local basketball training camp in Hunan

Among his peers, he is definitely brightest star

These awards and trophies symbolize honor

This is his best award to parents and coaches

Compete with your big brother without fear

I look up to you, but I will surpass you

While training, little Andy said to me

"I think Curry is most valuable player in world

He can lead a team to back-to-back championships, and he's also very good

I really like him”

NBA commercial leagues don't exist in eyes of kids

I don't see stars changing all time because of the championship

I just like a star and want to be one

Nice guy

I hope you train well every day in future

Do not deceive the expectations of parents and coaches

Play hard, study hard, train hard

Next curry should be you

May 15, 2023