How to build upper body strength? You can practice anytime, anywhere!

Pullups 1

There are many ways to train

Beginners may consider uploading with max time

Do 3-5 sets with 1-2 minutes rest between sets

If you can't do it once

You can use a chair to support it

Reduce burden weight

Triceps Lift Training2

Hands on a chair

Both hands and heel on ground

Sit slowly

Stand with your arms until your elbows are bent vertically

You can start with groups of 15 times x3 (the number of times increases depending on your physical condition)

Training3 rod support

Upper body supported by elbows

Elbow perpendicular to shoulder

Pull up abdomen

Raise body so that abdominal muscles are in center

Keep your pelvis straight and knees straight

Keep your body still and breathe normally

Maintain movement for 30-90 seconds, repeat for 3 groups

The longer duration, higher intensity

Side twists 4

The body lies flat

Bend your legs and lift them up

Caviar parallel to ground

Hands can be placed on chest or on both sides of ears

15~30 times each time, 4 groups

Try to keep your body in a stable position

Lower back should be close to ground and cannot be lifted

Superman Workout5

Face to floor and lying down

Arms and legs up

Stay 3 seconds, return to prep

10~15 times each time, make 3 groups

1 minute rest between groups

Workout6 push-ups

You can do 3~4 groups of 15 times

"Wait three seconds before standing up"

1 minute rest between groups

I will share several sets of push-up training methods at same time

Share several sets of push-up training methods

1. Keep your hands shoulder-width apart

2. Increase parallel distance of both hands

Open your arms to elbow joints and place your palms on ground

3. Hands closing

4. Arms crossed up and down

5. Hands crossed up and down with palms facing each other

Remind everyone

Long strength training

Let body lose its flexibility

After every strength training session

Don't forget to relax and rub your muscles in a tense position

Simultaneously stretch your muscles

For muscle flexibility!

May 15, 2023