Not spectacular Nick Young!

Not spectacular Nick Young!

No wave is not Nick Young, Nick Young Drew is most flirtatious goal in league

After learning "CBT technique" you will also be able to master essence of this movement

Again, we are not imitating

It is through this form that everyone understands

How to improve your basketball skills by understanding and discovering basics of training

Watch Nick Young's full action

That's not flirty at all, not Nick Young

Not spectacular Nick Young!

Driel ball from back of foundation throughout movement and turn on steps

Then learn rhythm of steps

Each group of actions can be broken down into actual combat actions

A combination of different teaching methods

Incrementally improve learning phase from basics to improve your technical level more effectively

Not spectacular Nick Young!

Step 1

This action requires good backward dribbling as a basis

Continuous dribbling behind left and right flanks to familiarize and enhance ball feel while moving

Be careful opening your legs when backhandling

The purpose of this is to connect movements to adjust rhythm

Starting with a cross step after a backward lead

Not spectacular Nick Young!

Step 2

After mastering lead behind back, you can perform a combined turn

Use placement of three obstacles to perform backhands and turn left and right

Good steps and coordination are basis of coherent movement while moving

The technology of connecting and turning behind back in training is widely used in real combat

Not spectacular Nick Young!

Step 3

Kick ball behind your back and turn around before turning around.

Turn around and pass ball from your right hand to your left, feeling it.

Then quickly turn around and take ball back to attacker's side

This action can be used alone for real combat attacks

Not spectacular Nick Young!

In real combat, you can also perform similar actions depending on field conditions

This is a set of offensive actions performed at original level

Almost same as above

The difference is that behind back dribbling is used to complete an emergency stop in a fast break

Not spectacular Nick Young!

Step 4

Practice Nick Young's last move

A quick shot after turning requires very good physical strength to perform this action

The technique of mastering rhythm and connecting steps can also be a great killer skill

The point is to apply this technique according to time

Not spectacular Nick Young!

May 15, 2023