Teach you how little man can hang and beat big man!

167 The little man has various unsolvable behaviors, tell you rules of little man's survival, teach you how to hang big man, and see how he does it,

One of skills that a small person must master is high throw. It can be seen that a parabolic ball can fall on a beam of a house. The most difficult thing to try is a high throw of a side door.

An elusive pass is just right for allowing teammates to score easily. This is not only a fancy passing, but also key to wide vision and adaptability.

Defenders can't help combination of a small shot and a good basket. All kinds of shaking violate steps of protection. Not everyone runs back like Curry before ball hits basket.

All sorts of unreasonable pull-up jump shots dealt 10,000 damage to defender.

Slight defensive awareness, accurate grasp and ball steal timing is absolutely second to none, steals like a burglar.

Another baseless theft, this basketball IQ is really scary, we all lost a round playing with our brains.

The strength of a strong waist and belly is definitely strong enough, and a backhand after a barbell deadlift is beyond anyone's strength.

Amazing layout is too handwritten and it's quite intoxicating to treat game as personal performance time and show off your skills.

Were you inspired after seeing a toddler play? Summarize necessary elements for little man on court: take full advantage of flexibility, speed and low center of gravity, try to change rhythm of dash and stop performance, try to break out to attack and have a stable rate of fire at medium and long distances, which is not very good The rate of fire is high, and it is useless for a small one to be flexible. The defensive end must actively fight to take advantage of opportunity to counter-attack.

May 15, 2023