Laugh on your knees!

Laugh on your knees!

Laugh on your knees!

Original English name for body swap is killer crossover

The reason Americans give stocks such an overbearing name

Because action can cause most direct and fastest damage to opponent

Whether field or professional game

One-handed frontal shift is most commonly used and most practical movement

Change of direction in front of body while dashing is not used for dashing and changing direction in place

A very effective breakout method in a fast break

Better body and ball control needed

Introduction to four groups of breakouts in front of body to change direction

Action 1

Laugh on your knees!

Directly change direction during breakout

Drag ball to other hand, stepping with opposite foot and lowering center of gravity

Using reverse foot feints to confuse opponent

Note change in dribbling rhythm and body size and rhythm adjustment

Slow View

Laugh on your knees!

Action 2

Laugh on your knees!

The difference from above action is that you shoot straight, passing from hand to hand

May make aggressiveness more sudden

Even harder to prevent

Combined with a fake kickback, it's hard for defender to tell if it's a kick or a kick.

Slow View

Laugh on your knees!

Action 3

Laugh on your knees!

Twice in front of body

Focus on setting your center of gravity and pace.

Flexible steps

Adjust pace of monetization in a few steps

Notice slow motion preview below and legs have been adjusted at least 5 times for second change of direction

Slow View

Laugh on your knees!

Action 4

Laugh on your knees!

Similar to Eurostep

The range and power of last kick is very large

With a light step in air, you need to maintain balance and stay in air

In addition, this action has very high requirements for waist and stomach

For those who want to try it, you can try shooting effect of lunge and volley

Slow View

Laugh on your knees!


1. Actively push off ground, start quickly and suddenly, turn body and explore shoulders, which should be connected with steps, release ball and release hand before center foot leaves ground, accelerate and surpass, and movement is consistent.

Second, you must learn to shake your shoulder. In eyes of defenders, movement of shoulder is always most difficult;

Third, do not raise center of gravity when changing direction in front of you, otherwise speed advantage will be lost;

May 15, 2023