The NBA's most daring pretentious goal every day!

Bold as a hen's egg, dare to play with this ball like that? The NBA is a league that produces a lot of talent. Once there is talent, there will be shocking and brave people. The so-called cheeky people with high skills are just such people. So what shocking performances did these shocking people make in front of? woolen cloth? Please take a look below - every goal has a story, let's take a look at most daring goal in NBA every day?

Owen-Quite's Story

Whenever I think about such a moment, story of Irving in 2013 pops into my mind because it is deepest memory I have seen in years. 8 seconds, 2 points, do not use tactics, do not overdo it, look at time, raise the knife and get 3 knowledge points, calm and almost cold-blooded

Insane Arena Agent

Agent Zero's solid experience on Jazz's home court is about to come out, putting his knees up. Why is this person so self-confident? As much as I love general, I wouldn't say he's best goal. At that time the teams were equal, so he was not in despair. The result of a miss was only overtime. Here I am still touched by Owen's courage, because he bet on that victory.

Yang Shaoxia When I saw great common knowledge, I knew that Yang Shaoxia would definitely appear next, and it was true! The Shaoxia Ball has been considered a celebrity for centuries

Hill-Don't Accept

A selfish but really cool answer. I was really incoherent when I saw this scene because it's least likely Hill's name to be mentioned when referring to "The Cruel Man"…

(Mourning had an offensive dispute with Hill and they fought each other. Hill directly asked for a singles in next round, rushed to Mournface and jumped up to buckle up.) I think I can even. with Alonzo Mourning It's more of a sort of thing, opponent is one of strongest in league... Look how Alonzo stepped back from dunk, not daring to look Hill in eye. Hill's look after dunk made ball beautiful!

Pierce - bukkake without discussion

In first round of 2003 playoffs, Pierce shot Al Harrington in face, throwing trash at each other! That's why Truth is my favorite player, because what he lacks in athleticism, he always makes up for with grit and tenacity that never backs down. Only by footwork and technical and tactical reserves of Truth it is clear that he is one of the most technical flank players. Pierce is Kobe without his powerful athletic abilities.

Jeremy Lin's little man went crazy

The Jeremy Lin 3-pointer who beat Raptors considering everything around him at time, his heroic demeanor leading his teammates on court and he was in NBA Veteran group but was last asked to fight him. moment The look of knowledge responsibility is really fearless. At that time, all eyes of sports world were on him, and under such pressure, he not only returned victory smoothly, but also returned victory in a majestic manner. There are giant eggs in groves of bay.

Kidd behaves unusually at critical moments

With 17 seconds left in game and a 3-point advantage, Kidd juggles without looking at basket looking for a miss. I literally dropped to my knees. I said timer is about to expire and my team is in lead, so I don't know how you can say that this is the best goal, but why he scored such a goal is really incomprehensible!

Artest faced pressure of finale

Artest later admitted that he knew Jackson didn't want him to shoot, but essentially said "fuck it" and did it. The specific situation with ball is such that when Artest got ball, there were only 5 seconds left on shot clock, and no one was open except him (not to mention that all ten players on field were exhausted). Artest had to handle ball himself. Indeed, technically he could have given pass back to Bryant, given how Lakers have handled last shot in nearly 20 years. It was actually Game 7 of Finals, at end of fight you faced your oldest opponent and everyone in room except Celtics hoped he didn't shoot. It's just too illusory a situation, maybe "kindness" is best way to describe this ball

Last multiple-choice question so far:

1) Pass ball to Fischer across court (Rondo is likely to be interrupted if he waits for an opportunity);

2) Passed to Kobe, who was 28 feet from basket and was blocked in face, leaving him only three seconds;

3) Shoot fucking open 3!

It's true that his heart is like steel, and big ball dance after he hit ball is ready to go! Perfect hit!

Terry Jets celebrating early

I don't know if it's most interesting, but it's really very fried. The Jets made that shot in Game 5 of 2011 Finals. You see, he shot such a goal over head of 25-year-old James to end game!

Kobe: If you want to pretend, forget it, it's too normal for me.

This ball is not lore, but it is very cold.

May 15, 2023