Unique Secret Technique! Jordan's Deadliest Move!

Jordan's trademark vanishing jump has always been his unique secret skill. Countless people have tried to imitate his movements, but most of them just imitate. Although he was able to hit, he was far from a basketball god in terms of posture and accuracy.

What is fading with rotation?

The general shooting action is to keep legs still or push off for a throw or landing, while a twist and fall jump shot usually starts with forward or backward front frame single position. take advantage of opportunity to take off and shoot, using difference in distance to prevent defender from interfering.

There are two types of pivot lintels

1. Jumper turn behind block in run

2. Smooth bridge at back

Let's look at first category first: a jumper with a turn after running to frame

While moving, simulate frontal traverse, then turn around and fire. This kind of action is sudden and is usually used by front and rear players. When you dribble face up, you usually make a few fake moves and then suddenly turn around to create space for a shot, which is very unexpected. There are three very important points for turning front frame back in this way during march:1. Rate of turn back 2. Rate of turn back 3. Center of gravity of body after controlling back turn.

Step and pace are needed to better avoid defender's defense and create space for shot. And good control of center of gravity of body should make throw after a back turn more stable and accurate. As for step, there are certain basics of movement. To increase pitch of pivot, pivot must use hip joint as pivot point so that pelvis can rotate laterally around vertical axis of one hip joint, increasing pitch of first pitch. With regard to control of pace and center of gravity, it is necessary to strengthen training of appropriate physical fitness.

Take McGrady as an example

We all know that McGrady is a master of pull-ups, and at same time, he is a master of roundhouse jump shots after a face-to-frame collision. In game, he often used this action, and effect was amazing.

The McGrady reverse movement is quite nimble and elegant, which is very practical and decorative.

Firstly, McGrady has a big step back, secondly, McGrady has a rather quick and agile turn, and thirdly, McGrady has perfect control of center of gravity of body after turning back.

Combining benefits of these three aspects, McGrady can be considered a model in terms of turning and shooting after a face-to-face shot.

Kobe Bryant often used a face frame in game, and then turned around and made a jumper

1. Kobe Bryant collided with wheat by a roundhouse jump

2. With this ball, Kobe's stride and pace are pretty good

Let's look at second category: jumper back and forth

This kind of centerfold is usually done after double singles.

This action requires relatively good waist and stomach strength, good footwork, and soft fingers and wrists.

Two points are very important for this type of turn: 1. Placement of supporting foot 2. Direction of turn back

This type of movement is not used very often and is very easy to walk on. Therefore, installation of supporting leg and subsequent transformation of next leg is very important. This is ability to work with your feet.

The direction of rotation depends on defender and moves randomly according to position of the defender.

The most classic turnaround jumper is none other than Jordan

In 1998 All-Star Game, an experienced Jordan performed our typical "fallback" against a young Kobe.

There are countless other great Jordan jumpers with a post-up effect and smooth transitions

Jordan will teach you classic jumper with a smooth transition

Big player Garnett is next

Among big players, Garnett knows how to use flip-up and disappear jumper, which has become one of his main scoring tools.

Looking at this ball, action is no less than that of an attacker or a defender.

Two other cases

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May 15, 2023