how to play football

how to play football

how to play football

Football beginners want to learn how to play football. If you want to play football well, you must train hard. Only by persevering will you be able to play football more professionally. But before you play football, you need to practice first, including running, walking fast, etc., and then learn basics of football and play by rules, so that you can really learn how to play football, but there are many rules for playing football, as long as you remember basics.

Playing football is a very good sport for training body. Before you play football, you should also prepare your clothes and shoes for playing football. Appropriate clothing and footwear are essential equipment. If you wear clothes and shoes If you don't play football correctly, you are more likely to get injured. We are all ready. Below we will briefly introduce you to basics of playing football and contact methods. I hope this will help you to play football.

Bouncing ball is a technical action in which athlete continuously hits ball with various effective parts of body and controls it so that ball does not fall to ground as much as possible. Ball rebound is a training method for athletes to allow athletes to become familiar with ball in order to increase its elasticity. The weight, rotation and position of contact, as well as feeling of a light collar when hitting ball.

Basic technical measures

1. Rebounding ball by lifting both legs: swinging leg forward and up, hitting ball with a lift, ankle joint is fixed when hitting ball, hitting bottom of ball. The two feet may strike ball alternately, or one foot may be supported while other foot continuously strikes ball. Hit ball with even force to keep ball under control around your body.

2. Toss ball with inside and outside of both feet: lift leg and bend knee, swing inside or outside of foot, hit bottom of ball and alternately hit ball inside or outside of both feet.

3. Hip rebound: lift leg and bend knee, use middle and front of thigh to hit bottom of ball upwards, two legs can alternately hit ball, or one leg can be used as a support, and other hip can be used to hit ball continuously ball.

4. Head ball: stand with your feet apart, bend your knees slightly and use bottom of your forehead to continuously head ball. When heading, keep your eyes on ball and open your arms naturally to keep your body balanced.

5. Continuous juggling with different parts: According to principles of above single juggling technique, use different parts to interact with continuous juggling. The more parts interact, more difficult it will be. The parts where ball bounces include instep, inside of foot, outside of foot, footro, head, chest, shoulder and so on.


l. When foot touches ball, ankle joint becomes loose, resulting in unstable strength.

2. When ball is kicked, toes get hooked down or up, causing ball to touch body forward or backward after being loaded, making it difficult to control ball.

3. Other parts of body are not sufficiently relaxed when tossing ball, so movement is constrained

4. When ball bounces with head, coordination of legs, torso and neck is not coordinated, and relies only on neck.

Example of Practice

1. Juggling with one person, one ball: test ball touch time, ball position, ball power and coordination of whole movement.

2. Two people with one bouncing ball: touch ball with ball of foot, thigh, head and various parts of body, master power of touching ball and try not to let ball fall to ground. Each player can hit ball at opponent once or several times.

3. In a group of four or five people, use two balls to throw ball in a circle: number and position of each person's touch can be specified, and number and position of touch can be freely controlled. Pay attention to observation when passing ball so that two balls are not passed to same partner at same time.

Everyone knows how to play football, but don't forget to pay attention to safety precautions. Many people play football, and running is very tiring. It's easy to get hurt. If you are injured, you should seek medical attention Do not continue to play football, after all, premise of exercise is to be healthy.

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May 15, 2023